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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by InsanityOverAll, Dec 11, 2019.

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  1. So I got an E-mail today that had the following information:

    "In the cold of space, prepare to face invaders from a distant universe. The Skoll Gate has once again reopened - do you dare face the waves of wintry opponents? Log in today and receive an extra special gift in the daily calendar!"

    My question would be in regards to the "Log in today and receive an extra special gift in the daily calendar!" part. What exactly did/do we get? I didn't really see or notice anything other than the daily award of what item is scheduled for whatever day you're logging in on. Unless of course there is some special reward located in the 30 day calendar that wouldn't normally be there otherwise. I'm just looking for some clarification on this one because I'm genuinely confused lol

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Found the information under Command Center > News titled "A very Merry DarkOrbit" referencing Frost Mimesis and Frost Solace ship skins as new calendar rewards. Not gonna say I feel dumb. At all.
    You can close haha
  3. Also don't forget to use this voucher code. Gives a free month premium, x4 ammo, rsb ammo and 50 booty chests.

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  4. They removed the winterfest calendar since last year ever since they came out with the new daily login calendar. They did a bad job at wording the event because it confused me too, I thought they were bringing back the winter calendar as well. Not to mention, on the Command Center tab and player homepage where it shows the alerts, it says "Celebrate 12 years of DarkOrbit by entering the Skoll Gate!" except it's 13 years of DO, not 12. So yea, there's only a voucher code, skoll gate, and whatever is in this months calendar.
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    where is the voucher code and how to use it
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    Closing as requested.
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