[GI] can't enter Refraction Zone in Global Server

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ElectricShot, Nov 2, 2021.

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  1. Since the Global Server I'm in is only PvE, can we get this changed or do something about this? cause we get missions to enter the Refraction Zone and not being able to enter that zone for missions is a huge waste of a mission slot. Maybe we could have a gate invasion when you activate those missions to only get the kills you nee to complete the mission?
  2. Considering in the RZ zone it's pvp missions and your on a pve server i don't understand the need for pvp missions like how would you kill 10k players on a pve server?
  3. To note, Saturn [insert shipname here] have been coded in and made as a replacement to actual players in said PVP missions. Saturn Spearheads = easy, and so on. But yes, it doesn't quite make sense to still have PVP missions on a PVE server. ‍:shrug:
  4. The RZ is not just for any one server but for all of them. Missions for all servers are the same including Global (PVE). Some events are different but other than that, mirror image. The thing that is bad about Refractions now is that its under utilized by players and the Developers. That is a perfect area to host some pvp battle royal. They could make it a bit bigger, add some CBS rocks and let the games begin. Other wise, you can just skip over the refraction missions.
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    Hello @ElectricShot ,

    As mentioned above, it would be best to do other missions when unable to complete the R-Zone missions.

    Do you have any further questions or can we close?
  6. Yeah, why not fix this issue? Cause I think my idea would fix the problem quite easily, that or replace them from the pve server with more doable missions.
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