[GI] Cheaters in Events - will they ever be banned?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Rossi, May 29, 2020.

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  1. Rossi

    Rossi User


    my question is: "Will BP ever ban cheaters in events that are high ranked?"

    In many servers the events are won by cheating and boting players. My hope for boters being banned is long gone. It's not gonna happen and we all now it. But at least they could ban out the players that everybody know are cheating and not doing the events fairly.

    On my server this is what is happening: The #1 ranked guy obviously cheated and there is no question about it. He has almost 8k points - while normal players have around 2–3k, almost everyone under him is banned, but somehow he still is not!
    This guy also won Mimesis Mutiny (by over 1 million points!) and Frozen Labyrinth (by 18 kills) simply by boting his way up and playing NONSTOP. You can see him on the maps almost 24/7.

    This is his profile:
    PILOT RANK: Basic Colonel
    MEMBER SINCE: 02-01-2019
    PLAYING TIME: 8,721 hours (over 363 real days)

    I am not gonna post his name, since I would be the one who is going to be banned for calling him out.

    Here is ranking in my server (he is #1 right now) and you can see there is seriously something wrong about it.

    Rank Name Value
    1 NOT BANNED 7,690
    2 BANNED 7,665
    3 BANNED 7,633
    4 BANNED 7,622
    5 BANNED 7,599
    6 BANNED 6,852
    7 BANNED 3,951
    8 BANNED 3,867
    9 NOT BANNED 3,657
    10 BANNED 3,409
    11 BANNED 3,241
    12 BANNED 3,101
    13 BANNED 3,041
    14 BANNED 3,023
    15 BANNED 2,965
    16 NOT BANNED 2,935

    So, will something happen and will this guy be finally banned for good? Or are you going to let him win again and no fair player will ever win an event?
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  2. lowacc2

    lowacc2 User

    Why do you even bother to complain anymore? We all know very well that they don't care and nothing will happen. Better spending that time to play better games than darkorbit :)
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  3. The~Troll

    The~Troll User

    no legit player will ever win it's rigged for DO's botter friends
  4. if you don't like the game well don't play it I have played sence 2006 and never cheated but I still love the game for friendship and its just a bloody good game
  5. *THEODOR*

    *THEODOR* User

    Darkorbit doesn't do anything against these people its a joke, 1.5mil uri and 90 days of prem is like 140 euro to them and they dont give a sh**, ive reported all the boosters on my server 4 times to support and nothing has been done.
  6. It's the same on my server, second day of the event there was already someone at over 2k points with 2 accounts. He got banned luckily.

    Now at the end of the event 4 ppl are sitting at far over 6k points while everyone else has not even reached 4k yet those 4 who have pushed themselfs are still unbanned.

    This event is a lost cause, because BP won't ban the cheaters. Really sad thing to see.
  7. neeze

    neeze User

    "They need to be caught by the script". That is the response from Bigpoint support if you try to report them for cheating in events, so no nothing will happen to them.
  8. *THEODOR*

    *THEODOR* User

    I mean its obvious to see that they are boosting just check logs to see if they kept killing eachother over and over again
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  9. neeze

    neeze User

    agree very much. i also tried to report someone for using 10+ accounts to push with but again "they have to be caught by the script" and ticket was closed. we all know the "script" dont work and they dont intend on improving it.
  10. *THEODOR*

    *THEODOR* User

    Have you seen the push accounts on mexican servers its a JOKE.
    I placed rank 8 on the reputation side for just running around and looking for people that are boosting their rank points but i still didnt have enough to compete with rank 1 that was 2x the points i had
  11. PaddyDaddy

    PaddyDaddy User

    On Global Europe 7 is 20 players with first place.......20!!! they all take first place prize
  12. our clan is just logging in and doing events when the come out and not putting money any more into D O thats about it we all went to another space game thats just like D O we all will come back when the botters and cheaters are gone this is just sickning whats going on here so far they lost 18 of us every day players that went over to new game i suggest doing the same
  13. thor714

    thor714 User

    what's the game you're talking about if you don't mind me asking? tks
  14. Rossi

    Rossi User

    One word for this - PATHETIC
    Ranking on GE1:
    1. 7,690
    2. 3,657
    3. 3,507
    1. 7,870
    2. 7,408
    3. 2,765

    Nothing weird to see here, right?!
  15. war universe vega side
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  16. Byte~Me

    Byte~Me User

    lol, people cheating?, on this game never!!
    i'm in total shock.
  17. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Rossi,

    Bots and cheats must be detected by the scripts run by Support.

    Closing as answered.
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