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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by oTiKio, Jan 27, 2020.

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  1. oTiKio

    oTiKio User

    So question to the comuity and the DO team as a f2p player how do we farm this days maps are over run with bots i can't cube in x-6 maps the moment i shot the cube 10 more come .... i can't box any more 4-x maps are over run with bots on mine server alone in every giving time there are 10-20 boters boxing .... so as a f2p player is my only choice to quit the game ?? since clearly im forbiden from farming im forbiden from questing and if i hunt i cant since bots gona report me for pushing so dear wait not so dear any more do can you or any1 tell me what to do im rly runing out of ideas only one going to my head is to quit. Pls help
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  2. The same way you farmed 1, 2, 5, 10, 12 Years ago...
    You go on a Map and shoot some NPC's and/or collect some boxes.
    As an alternative you can join a group and do some LoW-Gates. That's a good way to get some Uri/Credits too.

    Well you don't seem to be playing Darkorbit. Because NOTHING and NOBODY forbids you any of these things...

    Yes Bots are annoying and the fact that BP doesn't do anything against them is just incomprehensible to me, they ruin the game more than anything else at the moment... , but they don't forbid you anything. Do whatever you like to do.

    You can't cube in x-6 ?
    Well like it or not but Cubes were, are and will always be a "Group NPC" just because you can take it down by yourself does not change that fact.
    If other players or Bots join you, just use x1 ammo and get some "free" reward.
    And there are many other places to farm. You can farm on litterally every Map.

    Also, not everyone on a 4-x Map is a Bot, and there are enough Boxes so you can still collect them yourself.

    Bots are also not gonna report you for killing them once or twice, they don't care.
    Even if they do, as long as you don't kill them 100 times at once or 10 times ever single day for 1 month or anything like that, nothing will happen.
    And even if something happens (like a pushing bann) the Bot-Account will be punished too (it takes 2 Accounts to push...).
    Most Bots don't take that risk (especially the higher ranked ones) so go and hunt to your heart's content (but like I said, don't overdo it).

    But I do get your frustration, especially because BP does not do anything against the pesky Bots.
    I feel the same way too when I see the Bots on x-7 getting thousands of Alloy for free and I can barely get like 60 in 2 hours... Or they get Millions of Uridium each week, while i can barely get a couple ten-thousands... It's disheartening. :(

    But hopefully with the Client the whole thing will change to the better.

    Although BP wants to go back to Browser at some point too which is ludicrous cuz it's just gonna end up being the same as it is right now... But that's besides the point...
  3. oTiKio

    oTiKio User

    you clearly dont understand if i used to box on 4-x map and made 10-15k or more per hour with out doubler i cant do it now since 20 botters colecting over ech other and so on i drop to 6k uri per hour that there is a waist of my time . Sec pally is imposible to if it took 1 hour to get 3-4k stones now im down to 1.5k that there is also a waist. Farming low gate is imposible yes maps are full with bots but not that many active players and most who are active literally just do the 100 quest or other quest kill milions of pirets etc if your ufe you can make this way 10-15k per hour but again if you ufe wich im not. i dont know what server you play but usa east there is a epidemick of boting. Yes no one forbits me but ruins your efficenci up to 80% . Now the point is yes you can make uri even shuting struners but im efficent farmer if i cant make more then 15k per hour as a fe my time is waisted now days we get to many stuff that need to be done from prometius lasers to bo3 to upgrades max pet and so on to get to ufe every hour counts i dont plan to spend 5-7 000 hours just to get to ufe becouse bots made a grind that took 100 hours in to 1000 hours ..... And what about thos who cash who cares about me as a f2p but what about thos who spend thousands of dollars to get rank gear yet botters are out gearing them and out ranking them for free how is that fair ?? You ever ask how they feel ?? They spend thousands of hours devoting investing and a player using bots out rank out gear out perform em ?? Why even remove drone dmg we used to organise and pop the bots till there drones got destroy in a way controll the problem now its a epidemick how is that normal ever seen something like this in other games or companys who dont care what is happening in there game ??
  4. =Koichi=

    =Koichi= User

    I play on US1 and I don't see that many bots, I can do my missions, farm cubes and even collect boxes in PvP because it is always empty, also if you wanna collect pally faster just kill the botters.
  5. memrix

    memrix User

    might i suggest farming uber aliens?
    Have your pet look for Uber StreuneR and shoot all the aliens you come across, they give big rewards.
  6. I try to do as much as I can on enemy maps , this way you can shoot the bots. You don't necessarily need to kill them. Most times they run to portal when shot. That clears them off the map until they recycle and start again. That's what I have been doing. Once in a while you'll shoot an actual player and you'll have to fight or run. I can kind of tell by whether or not they react to your presence but it's a gamble none the less .Not withstanding that you're already on an enemy map. I play during off peak hours so I run into fewer real players. And since technically you really don't know if they're bots and they are enemies , I don't think it's considered pushing. I'm sure that's probably up for debate . Kill'em all and let God sort'em out.
  7. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks to all for the detailed responses.

    Does the OP, oTiKio have any further questions or may we close?

  8. SirThrills

    SirThrills Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Closing - No Response from OP
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