[GI] Eternal gate damage bug NOT fixed

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Dec 24, 2021.

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  1. Just been in a group with 2 players on ge5 who were doing eternal both in zephyr ships, one of them was doing an ubk and hitting 6 million damage per hit and the other player was doing 2.5 million damage per hit. Even if the game gave you damage boosters every single wave and you also used cc-c ammo you will NEVER get to 6 mill damage per hit when you are only at wave 405!!
    I too was in a zephyr and had been very lucky with the damage boosters and i was also using cc-c ammo but i was only hitting around 500k per volley.
    Clearly 6 million is impossible which means the damage bug is still being abused by the high ranking players.
    I thought something was a bit funny by the way people are clearing through waves so fast and now i know why.
    This needs looking into and having the appropriate punishment dealt.
    You banned about 5 people off our server the other day for abusing bugs in eternal but clearly you have missed the main culprits.
    No point bothering with the eternal event as all those who keep winning are bug abusers.
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  2. jayherbo

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    I have just done 40 waves without any issues at all (GB1-2) Only boost is from Orcus mods and Eternal Boosters for me that is:)
  3. They are using EPHON-100 BOOSTERS and then abusing the damage bug in there which allows them to do 6 million damage per hit at least, they are then smashing through 350-400 waves in 2 hours and this is one of the reasons people have shot so high in the rankings.
    Bet nothing gets done though as usual, just let them all get away with it i guess and turn a blind eye.
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  4. i mean all you need to do is create a script that knows roughly what the max damage should be per ship in eternal (the very max possible) and run it! Anyone hitting 6 mill in a zephyr or even 2.5 mill in a zephyr is obviously suspicious activity which the script will detect. Guarantee you will catch most of the top 9 players and you can then punish them all accordingly, yes it anger them but who cares! Take control back of this game and stop messing about worrying about peoples feelings.
    Just because someone has been playing since 2009 and spent a lot of money it DOES NOT MAKE THEM EXEMPT FROM BANNING.
  5. contact the support with the indication of nicknames
  6. i wrote to support but its highly unlikely they will do anything.
    Also occurred to me that these players doing 6 mill damage in eternal are probably only using x1 or x2 ammo also which is how they can manage to keep spamming eternal 24/7 and not run out of ammo.
  7. jayherbo

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  8. Do they actually get reported though as if no one ever reports them then support will never know. Problem is there are so many abusing it that there is no one left to make a complaint.
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  9. We all know they don't care about bot's they have been here for over 3 years now without any bans, it's only exploit abusers that get punished if they are caught.
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  10. Sad that people do that and even sadder that they brag about it. Not sure when I will ever do the gate. The team has to know what is going on, lawyers hold the pulse on when to do something about the mess.
  11. Interesting my comments were removed
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  12. on the us-2 from the top-10 banned 4
  13. SirThrills

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    Closing - OP has contacted support regarding this matter
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