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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SCOOŦΣR, Apr 10, 2020.

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    SCOOŦΣR User

    what is the future of dark orbit? i used to play deepolis, the game has been deleted due to lower online players and possibly the upcoming adobe flash player being phased out this year(2020), what will happen to dark orbit? will the game continue or disappear like deepolis did earlier this year?
  2. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Judging by today's performance it will probably disappear the lag is the worst i have ever seen, just unplayable.
  3. Westra

    Westra User


    Game will shut down.It would be better actually.Someone will care enough and bring it back as a community game with FREE economy just like they did with NFS World, Battlefield heroes etc.Community games are better than free to play company ones.Just WISH it will shut down.THese guys only release events and new ship designs/chromas/ uridium ships.They have abandoned all other aspects of DO for years now.

    To answer your question,DO will transit to Unity player as a means to keep the game playable.

    Personally I wait for it to be shutdown and play it the way the original devs wanted.A sense of accomplisment and joy.Right now it is extremelly steered to pay-to-win.Look at the Uridium bank example!

    What a shame.
  4. will i think if it make it downloadable it will work , run the boters out all new and old players will come back
  5. Zecora

    Zecora User

    Likely the toxic and despicable part of the community will drive this game against the wall, not BigPoint themselves. Updates initially go into the right direction, the attempt to "fix" the game is there. But due to a lack of unified feedback that actually guides BigPoint into the right direction, I doubt this game will get it's feet up.

    Let's face it, Dark Orbit won't die. But it will never really truly be active or popular again if the community continues to fight each other in such a manner as they do now. Current event is a prime example for it. Initially good, but directed towards the wrong player base.
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  6. Agreed, my UFE friend makes 10x the uridium from the Eternal gate that I did and I'm full LF4 with all hercules and havoc. Difference of 10 times is a bit too much I think. Weaker ships need some content too.
  7. Kharelia

    Kharelia User

    I agree with Westra about the game having great potential. I've always thought this. My ideas may differ a lot from other folks but I honestly think this game really could be great.

    I'm a returning player, I left for a couple of years because I wasn't overly happy with the forced PVP. Don't get me wrong, I always knew it was a PVP game but I thought it would be like other MMOs with PVP in as much as it was optional - not forced on you. In my opinion this is partly what actually kills this game. Strong players one-shotting weaker ones - even worse when they come out of cloak.

    DO has PVP maps, if they made the home maps PVE only, and put the PVP where it belongs - on the dedicated PVP maps which players would only enter at their own risk, I honestly believe the game would attract more players. It would open up the game for everyone - those who only want to PVE, those who only want to PVP and those who want to do both! The devs could think up some new quests accordingly - might make things more interesting that way.

    The game is faction based, so there should be no blues hitting blues at all. It shouldn't - again in my opinion - even be possible to attack a member of your own faction. That would make it worth while joining clans - right now I don't think it is as it just makes you a target to more than just other factions.

    I have other ideas but I'd probably get shouted down so I'll leave it there.
  8. Westra

    Westra User

    Good point.However i believe most of the new stuff we got so far are ideas or close of the community.The thing is, Bigpoint will make them so hard to get or in a way make us pay for it.For e.x. PET is a good idea but all the gears and stuff needs to be upgraded through uridium AGAIN, while fuel for it is questionably high.(0.20 would be better)
  9. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue User

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