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  1. Wondering when or if BP is gonna fix the game lag, there are so many players having so many issues it really effects the game play.
    yes i understand i am quite a distance from the server and same with others but's it never used to be this bad, when i am defending cbs or just pvping if i get killed and relog on the map i get so much lag when i log back in that i am dead before i can even move.
  2. I have been told that players are using another browser that makes a better connection. After Saturday I believe them in the BL maps. Was eye watering.
  3. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Which browser I thought this game could only be played through the client.
  4. I cannot say in the forums but they seem to have superior access to the gamecode.
  5. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello @.†ι¢є_gяιмσιяє†. ,

    Regarding lag, there are several different components to it, the biggest issue being the game still runs on flash player. As long as it continues to use flash, you may experience instances of lag, freezes, etc of which you can potentially mitigate by clearing the game cache every so often.

    If you are experiencing frequent de-syncs however, it is more likely your connection to the Darkorbit servers, of which there can be many, many, MANY potential causes (Networking is complex), and there is no "fix-all" that can easily resolve that. When the game servers do rarely have network problems, the appropriate teams work to get them resolved when possible.

    Additionally, while using another browser is possible, it is not supported by Bigpoint, so your results may vary.

    I hope this slightly-more in depth response was able to partly answer your questions.
  6. Thanks for the explanation, you may close.
  7. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as requested
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