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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Waaugh, Jun 24, 2022.

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  1. Waaugh

    Waaugh User

    Is there some major communications issue between the people who price the game items and people who do any kind of play/balance/design?

    I had the 'deal' show up in my news and email. What kind of deal is this? 150 bucks for 8 b03s and some ABR? The rare IAC is what is needed in the package not ABR. Its like they have complete contempt for the players in the game and toss these completely horribly overpriced deals out.

    IAC, Prometheus lasers and rare items should cost that not common junk you get in the monthly pass and from the shop.

    Why do we even have all the old useless clutter anyway, you changed the damage and alien shield/hp to offset the new junk. Meanwhile we still get lf2s and lf3s in boxes that should be phased out. Same with the old shields they just take advantage of new players who dont know to skip that garbage.
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