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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by memrix, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. memrix

    memrix User

    I think the title speaks for itself, but i'll explain eitherway
    Does anyone know what is the absolute maximum loot one can get from bonus boxes?
    Don't really care about the ammo nor the credits, but more the EE and uridium
    --->or point me to someone/thing that knows

    Keep in mind of pilot bio, doubler, PvP map
  2. Remember that the loot you get, just normal, is random. There is nothing in the forums that list the loot you can get. That said the range can be great. The most log disk I have heard players say is 7 I think but its been a while. Other than that, just go box and be surprised rather than disappointing or in a rush. Random is key.
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  3. memrix

    memrix User

    there must be some misunderstanding, i am NOT talking about booty box rewards, i am talking about bonus box rewards (you know, the dark colored boxes?)
  4. max spins u can get is 5 not 7 never have i ever seen 7 but 5 yes and uridium max 2,000 with everything box doubler and full boxing bio with full lv 3 salvage protocols.
  5. ?... PSK~SUNDANCE was saying 7 LogDisks bob_splendy and 2000Uri from a bonus box is a lot or not!?

    If I understand, the OP's question was about simple bonus boxes that are spread around the maps (not Booty boxes of any colour nor special bonus boxes such as xmas or Easter etc)

    on a B-map (with full salvage protocol on the PET, box-doubler subscrip., Luck 1+2 and Salvage 2 on Bio) the max I get in one box is 548 Uri and 5 GG spins... the 5 GGspins is possible with 9 salvage proto I think, but the Uri needs all 12 to get the full 548...


    Jax I think it is possible to get a bonus % from bonus box collection for a period of time after your Company has won at Sector control or some other event... Or if it is a one-off then maybe, as you suggest, a sum of Ship and PET collection together
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  6. memrix

    memrix User

    thank you
  7. Jax

    Jax User

    548 is the normal max. but there is a random chance for a 10% boost. I saw this in my log the other day in 4-3.
    You received 403 Uridium.
    You received 202 Uridium.
    You received 629 Uridium.
    You received 24 MCB-25 laser ammo.
  8. Jax

    Jax User

    I know the math doesn't add up to 10% and It's been suggested to me that the PET and ship can pick up at the same time causing DO to add the two for a single read out. Idk for sure what's going on. Either way, the 10% boost is Extremely rare imo.
  9. do u have max bio and pet cos your uri dont add up and never seen anything about a 10% bonus only a % on the pet failing
  10. memrix

    memrix User

    does tractor beam affect uridium from boxes aswell? or do i need luck 1 &nd 2 for that?
  11. Jax

    Jax User

    Embarrassingly, I can no longer find the source of the 10% random bonus; but all my information comes from the FAQs and the Home page. Unless it's been changed, perhaps someone more experienced than I can help or I might have mistaken what I read; that's certainly possible. As for the math, the question being 'what is the max uri out of a bb?'; Having maxed my Bio and PET, the maximum uri from one bbox is 548. However, my minimum uri bbox is 81 so a simultaneous pick up by my PET and ship would explain the 629. This would make it possible to appear like a single uri box from 629 to ~1,000 uri. This is proof enough for me as I will Not got through my 'infinite' uri logs looking for a single 629 entry (been there, tried it once).

    To have 'Max.' capability, you must have everything that pertains to uri collection. Tractor beam ll and Luck 1 and 2 are all required.
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  12. memrix

    memrix User

    i was afraid of that, i currently have 30/50 pilot points, so it looks like i'll have to wait a while longer, since to max out the pet with salvage lvl 3, it'll cost me another 378.000 uri (12 * 45.000*(0.70)).

    Either way, thank you for 'doing the math' on this and being able to answer this quite so soon.
  13. Jax

    Jax User

    I'm sorry I forgot to mention having the PET maxed out with 12 lvl 3 salvage protocols is also a Must for max. uri. I believe, but am not sure that the PET picks up more than the ship. As far as I can tell all my 548 uri boxes were picked up by the PET. That's all I know about it :)
  14. the 548 comes from the 12 Salvage and it only affects PET collections as the protocols are PET related :
    Salvage protocol (Level: 3)
    Effect: Increases the reward from boxes by 3%
    The salvage protocol increases rewards for bonus and cargo boxes collected by your P.E.T.
  15. The most efficient set up for boxing uridium and EE, is to strictly have Tractor Beam II maxed with 9 level 3 salvage protocols and 3 level 3 radar protocols and autolooter level 3 gear on your PET any other Pilot Bio features towards boxing are no where nearly as effective or efficient. Also try to participate in Spaceball as the cargo drops are impacted by the doubler, pilot bio and pet gear/protocols

    -The 3 radar protocols are used to prevent your PET from just following you around, leading to overall wasted productivity potential. Also it is very convenient to have some radar protocols if you also have the Enemy Locator Gear to use when you want to be the first player to find event specific NPC's that spawn in your map( Vicinity)
  16. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello memrix,

    Thank you all for assisting the user with their concern. We hope the feedback was helpful :)

    We ask if you the Original Poster have any further questions/concerns or may we close?

  17. If you got 37 pp(with full boxing bio), + 12 salvage protocol+doubler you can get 548 uridium. I dont remember about gg its probably 4 or 5 gg per box, if your pet collects. If you interested about full boxing bio you can follow this;

    Ship hull1 > 2
    Logistics > 2
    Luck 1 > 2
    Shield engineering > 5
    Evasive M. 1 > 2
    Ship hull2 > 3
    Shield mechanics > 5
    Tractor beam2 > 5
    Bounty hunter1 > 2
    Bounty hunter2 > 3
    Evasive M.2 > 3
    Luck2 > 3
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  18. memrix

    memrix User

    yes....this is exactly what i needed :)
    Thank you so much, if u collect another 1 million uridium, i can get everything i need to get that done
  19. Jax

    Jax User

    I first thought you meant the highest value bb on the map, that being 548 uri with 12 salvage protocols on PET., but if by 'max loot' you mean boxing in 4x maps total, it requires full ship Bio also and that is a ratio of time. If I don't make at Least 5 k uri every 15 min. I'm not happy. I get ~22 to 26 k uri per hour of boxing.
    11 salv. prot. gets a 529 uri high and 8 salv. prot. is the min. for 5 EE. I have tried 4-3-2 and 1 lvl. 3 radar to see if less uri but more boxes per hour would make more uri. total. It does not, in my experience. I dump the PET off in a cloud of boxes and go off on my own; and I don't stop to pick them up so if I miss one, he gets it. Even with radars he's tripping over my feet (artificial stupidity) so I just fly maxed, as fast as I can.

    Thanks to theOtherKey for my sanity! I knew I saw a bb boost written somewhere once.
  20. memrix

    memrix User

    wait a minute, don't you need tractor beam 1 aswell?
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