[GI] Popping Players in 5-3

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -KingKendrick-, Jan 6, 2022.

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  1. Wanted to get clarification because I've seen different things being said. It's no secret 5-3 is basically all bots except for the players that go in there to get kills. Is there a limit to how many times a player can die by another player? If so, what happens when that limit is crossed and are the kills based on a 24-hour period?
  2. After killing one player multiple times the rewards you get are smaller and eventually you get nothing, there is a possibility you can get banned for pushing after killing the same player over and over again, but i think that chance is small
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  3. The chance depends on the person you popped: if he's part of a top clan, he's either gonna let his clanmates know that you popped thanks to some death logs he got (don't ask me how, I've only heard rumors) or he'll ignore you or he'll report you for pushing.
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  4. LEO|123

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    Reporting you for pushing is like suicide, both players get banned
  5. tonka-toy

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    dont kill the same person repeatadly , what you do is kill him then kill 5 or 6 others then come back to him your logs then reflect your being fair and its not targeting anyone and doing this formula you can kill them all lots
  6. pop the same ship 1 billion times ...especially if a botter:D
  7. Thanks for the replies and helpful information. Going off of what some of you said I guess it would be best to avoid destroying the same player after no more rewards are given. Thread can be closed, thanks again.
  8. right
  9. From the rumors I've heard, only those reported for pushing get punished. Don't take my words as God's Words or anything, I can always be wrong about certain things and I acknowledge it.

    Eitherway, thread can now be closed as OP requested so.
  10. That isn't considered pushing, pushing is when you are or know the other player and both agree purposefully to do this action. The following is from Darkorbit's terms and services:

    ''Furthermore, even in Games that enable Users to have multiple Accounts, communication and any kind of interaction whatsoever between the Accounts of the same User is prohibited (ban on “pushing”). In particular, an Account may not be used to create advantages for another Account held by the same User to, for example, transfer Game items or currency from one Account to another Account of that User, and one Account cannot compete against another Account held by the same User.''

    1.2.7 The prohibition on pushing applies to the Accounts of different Users. An Account cannot be used to dishonestly gain advantages through the Account of another User through the transfer of Game items or currency, or by deliberately losing a battle (“boosting”).
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    Closing as requested
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