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  1. Dear, forum Administrators or players. Please, tell me for my question. Why i not more receive uridium for NPC. I have 17100981 (17mil 100k 981) uridium now. When i kill nps, uridium are not added.
  2. As far as know how much Uridium have (in general) doesn't effect receiving Uri... sounds like diminshing rewards could be hitting you, if also not getting any other rewards/reduced rewards. (Exp, Credits etc) (though with having that much, probably possible to not notice but assume you really payed attention that Uri amount doesn't change)

    No one really knows how diminishing rewards works, but if you have been playing a lot, killing aliens/collecting bonus boxes very quickly for "long" time etc - at least from what I know more likely to get diminished rewards.

    If not been playing much or lately, then may need to give more info for someone try figure out why/give a better idea of issue: what aliens killing, map etc. Assuming it's not an account issue somehow, but don't think personally heard anyone having such an individual account effecting issue.
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  3. I can help you with Diminishing Rewards. It has been explained many times before, but it's not a bad thing to explain it once again.

    We all know it happens when you collect bonus boxes too fast and when you destroy aliens too fast. You get rid of it by doing anything else but what I've mentioned above. This includes playing another game, so you can kill some time faster to return to DarkOrbit and resume your progression towards endgame.

    You can also combat it by killing stronger aliens, such as Kristallons or Boss Kristallons, since these take a long time to kill.
  4. if you are in EBG, then there uri is limited to 75000 for 1 passage
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