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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by Kernow69, Jul 20, 2022.

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  1. Kernow69

    Kernow69 User

    Hi, why are there no upgrade modules available for the Solaris + ship.
    I did read in forum that there were 2..
    Solaris Plus
    • DMG-SDZ01
    • SPC-ROC01
    But they are nowhere to be found in assembly or shop.
    I built the 3 undesignated unstable modules, but these turned out not to fit the Solaris + even though they should have fitted ALL ships as not designated a ship type in assembly.

    Can anyone please help with info on how I can get some upgrade modules for the Solaris + ?
  2. stable modules can be obtained during some events (eg agatus)
    unstable drop out on any ships randomly, so the chance to get on the right ship is very small
  3. Kernow69

    Kernow69 User

    thanks for the reply, looks like I'll have to wait til they drop :(
  4. in the current event, there are chances to get modules in the plutus port
  5. Got me a 20% berserker damage module, was all the luck I could gather, now I'm boned on real drops lol
  6. even i only have 18%
    but today I received 12 xt-10, in the evening I can see what characteristics
  7. X1 and X2 modules can be crafted and they have a chance to apply to Solaris+. I got 2 DMG modules for it
  8. Ya'll get what you want from modules? I get Liberator+ Mods like I own the damn thing.
  9. Kernow69

    Kernow69 User

    Another thing I'd like answered is why there are 4 slots for modules, but so far I've only found 2 listed ?
    If it's set up like other ships you can only put 1 of each type (model) in your ship ...

    I'm stuck now with 3 unstable modules that I can't use, and used up the assembly materials building them .
    So will have to keep collecting until I can build more :(
  10. I've been very lucky with Goli+, Orcus and Centurion modules but others are kinda bad, got 50% honor boost for Orcus with modules and the 1.75 multiplier :D

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  11. Kernow69

    Kernow69 User


    Thanks to both for info.. I'll watch out for the modules... but as it's random allocation it might take some time before I get them .
  12. Hammerclaw+ and hecate+ will be added next month
    also modules will need to be assembled on them)))
  13. how do i build the solaris plus i have everything but no responts of 12 hour 1 hour ago i komplet all

    is there no one who can tell me abouth this??????
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  14. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for assisting the OP,

    Hello @Kernow69 ,

    Are we free to close the thread?
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