[GI] The New LF4 lasers

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by charbru, Apr 26, 2017.

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  1. charbru

    charbru User

    These are stand alone units correct?
    Not enhancements to a standard upgradeed LF-4 laser.
    And they are not upgrade-able correct?
    You would be required to remove a upgraded LF-4 laser to equip one of the new ones correct?
  2. Kyro

    Kyro User

    Yes they are their own unique laser, though a normal LF4 is used to make one of them("enhanced LF4's") in a craft(as in you will lose a normal LF4 in the process to craft one). Regardless of the level of the normal LF4 you will get the same enhanced LF4 stat wise, I'd also recommend to keep upgraded LF4's for when they become able to be upgraded, since they probably will at some point eventually*.

    Since according to what a developer has said before on Discord the way they might be upgraded is by disenchanting/disassembling items, to get the required resource/ore to upgrade the new enhanced LF4's. Also upgraded normal LF4's for example will help more than non-upgraded LF4's to upgrade the new enhanced LF4's(hence why said should try keep them for that).

    Though of course this was just said on Discord by a developer, so not totally official that this is how they will be upgraded or if they will become upgrade-able(probably will though). Nonetheless it is probably a good idea to keep this in mind, also may want to consider to go on the official Darkorbit Discord at least now and then to see if there is any new info on stuff like this.

    *I am also sure the system prioritizes unupgraded LF4's over upgraded LF4's, so it shouldn't use a upgraded LF4 in a craft if you have unupgraded ones.
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  3. The "ENHANCED LF-4" gives the same stats as a fully upgraded regular LF-4. It was stated in the original FAQ that you wanted to use the lowest level LF-4 you have as they are NOT refunding Upgrade Costs and the NEW is not upgradeable (like the regular ones). The only benefit to creating these were to get the 5% bonus depending on what particular choice you made. I personally, would not use any UPGRADED items to craft these.
  4. Kyro

    Kyro User

    They do not give their bonus in percentages, well except from the Hyperplasmoid laser. The base damage of the new enhanced LF4's is 212*, the Magmadrill(PvP bonus)/Paritydrill's(PvE bonus) bonus is that it does an extra 5 more damage to other players(PvP) or aliens(PvE). The only percentage based bonus is the Hyperplasmoid laser's, which is 0.5% boost to HP** per laser(if put on pet it just increases the pet's HP).

    So basically: A Magmadrill laser does 217 damage to other players, but does 212 damage to aliens. A Paritydrill laser does 217 damage to aliens, but does 212 damage to other players.

    *Same damage as a normal LF4 that has been upgraded to Lv16.

    **The percentage bonus is based on the ships base HP, as in it is not based on what your HP is off Pilot Bio, boosters etc.

    The LF4 enhancement's("enhanced LF4's") FAQ:
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  5. This is a good thread, informative :)

    I have not crafted any of the "New" LF-4's yet, I've been a bit hesitant, not fully understanding it all really.

    I am for the most part a PVP player "only" for the past several months.

    So for best results I should be crafting the "Magmadrill enhanced LF-4?


    Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple
  6. Since you said that you take part on pvp most of the times then yes, mag drill could be good for you and Hyper plasmoid too. For now we dont know what stats will be added or how stats are going to grow when we upgrade the enhance lf4s at the future (when they implement it) as that will be the crucial thing for pvp offensive or pvp defense and of course the method of upgrading them as they might take more time (and/or resources) to be upgraded than normal lf4s.
  7. charbru

    charbru User

    Thank you:
    You have all been most helpful.
    The time required to collect the components required to craft, one of these puppies, is considerable.
    So this information was important to the time/value process.
    My questions are answered, the information was excellent.
    You may close.
  8. Thanks for the info ;)

    Maybe I'll wait a little longer before crafting any of these "puppies".

    All to often I've wasted uri and resources not completely understanding the end result.

    charbru good thread :D

    Patience is a Virtue
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  9. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as requested,

    Take care and have fun Orbiteer!
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