[GI] What is the best way to build pilot bio?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by CrispyB0588, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. Hi everyone. Just want to ask what is the best way to spend pilot points. I already have spent 2 pp on ships hull1, want to know what skills would be best after ships hull1.
  2. memrix

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    ship hull 2 :) , no really i'd focus on the defensive bio that will keep you alive
  3. Collect bonus boxes (=best way for earning Uri),
    complete some Zeta gates during double reward day with your meanwhile earned Extra energy,
    use the Logfiles of Zeta for Tractor beam 2 and Luck 1,
    save your Uri.
    Wait until a -30% Logfile sale,
    get Pilot sheet points alien hunter, ship hulls, shield engineering, shield mechanics, electro optics (but these points aren't necessary during boxing; only Tractor beam 2 and Luck 1 are important; besides you should wait before completing skill tree; they have some plans for the rework next year).
    Helpful links:
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    rework? hope so i need best of both worlds.got 50pp but mine is set up for boxing .need them to up it to 55 for pvp repping mines ect
  5. Its 50 PP limitation is to force the player to specialize is one area. Either go with boxing, PvP or PvE
  6. Thank you guys. Will go with boxing for now, already got box doubler.
  7. They don't tell us details, but they have "plans". Maybe it won't be realized.
    Besides I don't care about this very much, my boxing skill tree allows me to take less point. I even needn't more shield, I collect too much repair credits from event boxes.
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    Hello CrispyB0588,

    Thank you all for assisting the user with their concern and linking the appropriate faq' threads to help.

    We ask if you the Original Poster have any further questions/concerns or may we close?
  9. Hello Deter. You may close the thread. Thank you
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    Closing as answered/requested.

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