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  1. Deter

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    A new ship will be available during event time: the Hecate Ship! It can be won from the rewards boxes with a rare chance. If a player already has this ship and it drops again, then a default reward of 10,000 Uridium will be booked.

    Stat Value
    Laser Slots15
    Generator Slots16
    Rocket Launchers1
    7% Damage Bonus
    10% Shield Bonus

    Skill: Particle Beam
    An enemy ship within a range of 600 can be targeted and when attacking it, the damage is increasing in waves. If the enemy ship goes beyond 1,000 range, the ability is cancelled.
    It starts with a base damage of 8,050 and increases every second by 6,000, lasting 5 seconds.
    While this skill is activated, the ship's speed is reduced by 10%.
    The ability has a cooldown of 85 seconds.

    This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX. The skill damage will not affect NPCs, only players and e.g. Beacons are affected.

    Available originally from the Plutus Event
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