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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Aug 12, 2020.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please leave your feedback for this hitac return.
  2. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Thank you so much for putting the mission Hitacs in the pvp maps.
    It wasn't hard enough already to try to complete the dailies.

    Couldn't you just put the same hitac everywhere?
    More of them at the same time would also prevent the strong clans from claiming all rewards.
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  3. thor714

    thor714 User

    got a FEW shots at the hitac before i was popped off.lol no damage recorded.
  4. you should make the event company specific. I was shooting a hitac, when someone from another company popped me, just to he and his pals could get it. 10 of them, 3 of us. They took us out and we got nothing.
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  5. thor714

    thor714 User

  6. On "GB1" the cheaters are online all over it, shooting people off it, preventing others from doing those damage objectives out of their selfishness and greed. Even in the early hours of the morning certain cheaters are now online doing hitac! Like many people, I have no chance of getting these damage objectives done as the cheaters are all over it when it spawns.

    So if bp are going to turn this hitac nonsense into an event that requires objectives for damage to the hitac then they should make it company specific with one spawning in each company maps at the same time and only that company's players can kill the hitac in that company's maps. It will not stop the selfish and spiteful cheaters popping you but at least other players will be able to get the hitac specific objectives done.

    Or, make the rewards for damaging the hitac low and exclude ABR from those specific objectives and create 15 objectives that can be done that do not include doing anything with the hitac itself so people have a chance to get the rewards from completing the 15 objectives.

    Or, restore the hitac event to what it was before as I like many never bothered with it then either as the cheaters were all over it anyway and not letting anyone else near it.
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  7. learn to play tactical ! i bet you guys drop ish +emp's as soon as an enemy is nearby , and when they target you , you can't protect anymore , so you just die .
    almost 95% of players have pet megamine , so use it to your advantage .
    on ge7 the big clans are also 24/7 on the hitacs , shooting players away , but still i managed to complete all objectives , and made some nice uri /capsules. i have 14 capsules and all i had to do is play smarter than those wannabe-pro's .
    not everything has to be delivered on a plate , work for it :)

  8. False sadly due to the fact that; it is easily said for your situation, but guess what? Not everyone is "UFE" some are barely semi ufe or even "FE" and the few loyal and fair playing players that are left dont have the world of "ish" or "Emp" to use everytime someone tries to pop them. so what your claiming is not tactical its just having the necessary equipement to do so. Like seriously 95% people have pet mega mine??? (where did you get that staistic:confused:) i dont even have hp link or pet mine and im UFE due to the fact that i play fair.
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  9. Ii fly without ish /emp and no ! i'm not ufe , yet i just managed to earn 35k uri in less than 1 hour on hitac in pvp. Don't give up after a few times popped , just hang in there and let them see that you are not running away , even if they kill you a lot .
    As for mega-mine /hp link , those where battlepass rewards , and mega-mine was even gifted when you completed the previous pass. ( i have 2 of them now ).
    If you don't have even 1 of them , maybe this is a wake-up call for you . Meaning , put some effort into it like we had to do too !
    Ii play since 2011 , i grew up the hard way , unlike all you cry-baby's who want to have it all at once for free .
  10. There should be a NAZ around the Hitac, getting popped isn't fun.
  11. lol pop and get popped is the game .... you want people to shoot ores ?
  12. Let me sum it up for you because you dont quite understand. Every persons experience will be different, different server, different mc clans, different type of players, different situations. just because you managed to make 35k uri off of hitac DOESNT mean everyone else will. You claiming you fly without ish and emp and not ufe means nothing, because chances are others who fly without ish and emp will be popped even before they get to the hitac itself since different factors are to blame such as personal targets, war, or plain simple bad luck ( which happens to me alot and trust me im Ufe) because not one, not two sometimes more than several persons will insta lock you and chase you or pop you on sight so hanging in there will solve nothing but giving them free kills and hopefully a push ban:( . What you stated about the megamine and hp link situation is true they were battlepass rewards and if i dont have one of them it is a wake up call; however that doesnt mean i did not put in effort to try and get one, clearly you forget some of us are working or are busy at time or may not have been able to purchase a battlepass at the time due to missing the event so if i dont have one excuse me i must have missed the memo and that last even didnt help either (125 splinters a boss ..Ouch:oops:). But i must say FYI and just to throw something out for you who think your THERE..... i played from 2008, so if you think you grew up in the hard times, guess again cause you clearly missed out on the glory days. Nobody is a cry baby everyone just wants a fair chance at everything which would be the proper approach.

  13. this event is broke for a newer player... i have 140 hours and im telling you now on the server i play theres 0 chance of hitting any hitac its pathetic they get spammed by groups who dont care what company you are with they will shoot you regardless you can't team with them because there obviously such good players i dont get it why not share i understand you want points but so does everyone else i literally watch everyone get mowed down by a group of like 5-6 players all from the same clan ....
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  14. jdc3

    jdc3 User

    I can't say I played one event that was fun for me, most of the time I get killed before I get anything out of it. Killed and lots of ammo spent doesn't make it a fun event, its more like killing time.
  15. dark8blue

    dark8blue User

    I'm just chiming in here, I am UFE but choose not to do the event because it's a lot of nonsense. I also don't agree with the way this is run. Why do you have feedback threads when you have done nothing to change this event since the first feedback thread. Everyone has asked for more protection, or something. Give noobs an opportunity to collect something without being instapopped. How will your game ever grow again when you don't put any effort into changing events?

    Now realistically, some requests are ridiculous, but people are frustrated and tired of seeing no change. Improvise and do something, like give lower level players full protection against everything, including mines for these events, or give people who have died "x" amount of time a safety bubble for "x" amount of time, or until they get a capsule or something, not for the remainder of the event like the one a few months ago where botters were flying around bmaps with a blue shield that protected them from everything.
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    To all who have a problem with support when converting capsule. I did on my accounts and didn't get it in my inventory something like this 1x SPC-CO2 wrote to support and I they told me its empty capsules how could be when next support worker said it is on my account but isn't if anyone have this problem report it
  17. event was only for the cheats , and still is, must be the worst event these clowns have come up with.
  18. Sories

    Sories User

    when the prizes will given any information ?
  19. Hi, who knows when the lottery for the HITAC in game will be drawn? I can't find details anywhere....thanks
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