Is the Community Holding Darkorbit Back?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. When I first registered for these forums I was pretty excited to share some of my opinions about this game. It wasn't long before I noticed what usually happens here on a daily basis.

    I think it's very safe to say that the majority of active posters on these forums are between basic fe and ufe, most of the ideas and opinions you see here are from their perspective. The only problem is that a lot these posters are really selfish and/or don't really know what they want from this game, plus they can be really mean sometimes.

    If you would take a look at the Speakers Corner section of these forums there's a good chance you'll see someone ranting about how this game is too "pay-to-win" or that it's too hard and it should be easier. I agree with Darkorbit being too pay-to-win right now and I'm pretty sure most people here do too but if you would look at the Update and Idea section of these forums, you see a whole 'nother story.

    An example of the community not knowing what it actually wants from this game is when this one guy makes a thread that asked for LF3s and B02s being available for credits. Basically everybody said a big NO to that idea. I don't get why because, is that not what the community is asking for when they said, "make the game LESS pay-to-win!"? And plus, even if LF3s and B02s were available for credits you still have TONS of stuff to worry about after such as drones, LF4s, Log Disks, pets, drone designs, ship designs, getting each of your B02s to level 16, getting your LF4s to level 16, getting your drones to level 16, getting your hellstorm launcher to level 16, ammo, and all the other things that I probably forgot.

    Not only that but sometimes people in the community are just plain selfish. You might see people here bashing on threads that ask for equipment such as LF3s/LF4s being easier to obtain but you might also see those exact same people openly support ideas that make ammo and such cheaper. In my opinion having cheaper ammo or better credit ammo will make this game much easier for some players than having cheaper equipment. The only difference is that the idea with cheaper ammo benefits ufes more than noobs while the idea with cheaper equipment benefits noobs more than ufes. Remember when I said that most of the opinions shared on the forums are from an fe-ufe perspective? This is proof. Having cheaper equipment doesn't help ufes at all whatsoever but having cheaper ammo will, so of course they will disagree with the thread asking for cheaper equipment but support the one asking for cheaper ammo and such.

    A few days ago I conducted a mini experiment to see if this happens again. I suggested 2 ideas, one benefits only ufes (makes ammo/consumables cheaper, suppose to get support) and one only benefits noobs (makes equipment cheaper, suppose to have everyone disagree with). As expected the idea that only benefited noobs got a lot of disapproval while the other one had the majority of posters supporting it.

    Idea for that benefited noobs only:

    Idea that benefited ufes only:

    Another thing I noticed about this community is that it can be really mean anyone who disagrees to their opinions. For example a guy posted an idea about being able to backtrack in pirate maps: He was completely eaten alive by basically everyone on the forums. People told him to quit whining, people called him a little girl and someone even made fun of his forum rank. This was also his very first post on the forums. Just give him a break guys. I doubt he's gonna ever come back here again after all that.

    I don't know why some people on the forums act like how they do now. Maybe their just stuck in the past when Bigpoint was cranking out methods to empty our wallets or maybe it's just their pvp ego kicking in on the forums. Whatever the cause might be, I hope this community improves soon 'cause Darkorbit can be a really fun game and I just don't want some people to ruin it for others. So yeah.
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  2. sirpwnsalot34

    I think some of your assumptions are not far from reality. This game has to make some changes to really get the newbie into this game AND HOLD THEM. Leonov for Credits are a good idea but not Vengeance. A ship with an existing skill design shouldn´t be available for credits but thats just my opinion. Also LF3 and B02 for credits would not be a bad idea. As a little compromise their credits price could be a little bit higher - around 5 to 10 mio credits per item.

    And you aren´t alone with your oppinion - and this i say as an UVE player. Not all are these blocking forces some still try to move something in this game. ;)
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  3. Just because the ship is available for credit's doesn't mean the design has to be and it probably would stay at it's current price. Lf3's and Bo2's for credit's would be a good idea and the price should be maybe 1.25 million. 5-10 million is a winning bid for them on some servers so making them credit items wouldn't change much.
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  4. so you want to make it easy basically man these people will never understand.... theres no point on telling you all.

    If you are UFE and bought all your lf3 and bo2s with uri and used around 1 million uri to get them. Then 3 days later u realize all lf4 and bo2s are sold for 1 mill of credits how would you feel? Would you like your uridium back? because you have tons of credits and couldve gotten all of then much more easier?

    this is just the reply for the very beginning of your post... i just read that n got bored cuz i know where this is going...
  5. It is changing much and 5 to 10 millions is not much money. Probably on some servers they are that cheap but on mine and enough other there are prices beyond 30 millions on these item. Where is the problem to set an amount on credits as cost for this items as it is atm in trade in nearly dead servers? I think this is fair for every newbie on every server.

    It is at least 10 times cheaper than one and a half year ago it was for me to bid on it all.

    We want to get the newbies into the game and to learn the game and learn how to play it. This also inluces time on your x-3 and x-4 to learn circle Devolariums and Sibelons and then get up to x-5, x-6 x-7 where they can use what they learned in lower maps. We shouldn´t skip this "DO basics learning time". It should still need some time to get to old VE but with good skylab management it should get much faster than today.

    They will never understand. You don´t want to understand. Where is the difference?

    You don´t even read the whole first post and say this this this? Why do you even reply if you get bored? People like you are somehow part of the problem...

    I also bought most of my LF3 and B02 for uridium but times had changed but i am not against the idea to give them credits item because i like this game and i don´t want to see it die. We need new players who also can handle their ships a bit better not just calfs in the slaughterhouse. Some day i wanna have new friends in this game and new enemys. From where should they come if stupid people just farm them for points and don´t think a minute into the future because of missing brain.exe

    If you would start today with game you would also cry. ;)
  6. Ok
    Exactly, it doesn't makes that much of a difference other than the fact that it's more convenient to buy LF3/B02 whenever you want and how much you want to buy at a time. But people are still against the idea for some reason.
  7. Full_force

    Full_force User

    Read it up the point where it was just becoming a post about how why why are my ideas was not just accepted then just skimmed over mainly due to i have to go to work in a few mins. Maybe i will return torrow. If it is open.

    LF-3s/Bo2s are available for credits in the auction. They just need to have patience. With the skylab and clans how long does it take to get them. Not to mention learning to play the game. And then running the risk of the LF-3/LF-4 becaming redunit and therefore noobs (vespids ideas) asking for more damage in game which is not needed.

    Leos, venges for credits again in the auction.

    There is a big diffdence between making the game cheaper and therefore funner and just giving things away.
  8. This happens all the time in the game, once valuable items are de-valued by updates and the once valuable items are made cheaper, refunds for something that no one forced you to buy, hell no.

    Making items cost credits isn't a giveaway doe, why would a more powerful player even care about prices of crappy items?
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  9. I am truly dying from all this LOL

    I did those things LMAO!

    And btw, the UFE idea you made, was nothing serious, that was the dumbest test. Noobs come into forums begging for it to be easy. This is a PvP Game, not a damn give away. The game isn't that hard to get to the basic stuff. You can easily make your ship nice and smexy and still get work done in no time. I started on west, only have a couple hundred hours on it, yet i still got a decent ship and rock it lol

    This game has gone down hill, then the noobs ask for thing to be easier for THEM, we all went through so much more then them, right now, you noobs have no idea how easy you technically have it. Big players can get a lot done for you with in game help, yet you all choose to complain instead. Get over it.
  10. I know your point, make the game easier for the new players. A word of advice "WORK HARDER"! Way back the old days, i'm a noob, I always shut down by enemy company, but I work hard on my account so I can compete with those top notch players and take note I didn't spent cash to be a FE. So if I made those things so the other noobs can do it. Just stop complaining how hard the game was and start working hard.
  11. The game really isn't easy and I'm sure an experienced player could start a new account and build it up nicely very quickly, a new player wouldn't know what the hell to do and it would take them months to get FE if they stick around for that long, after that they have to get Ufe, pally for a few years or rob a bank or quit.
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  12. We'll if there were noobs asking for this game to be easier then why weren't they there to support my idea?

    Umm, that's not the point of my thread. Read my post over again before you reply please.
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  13. Hahaha so i dont understand that you noobs want stuff easy? haha nice one you made me laugh a lot.

    omg this indeed made me laugh hahaha, if I would start again I would cry???
    seriously? I just started another account int he same server just because i got bored of my ufe ship. I played lest say around 10 days while I was and still suspended and guess what? I have 10 lf3s like 10 shields a goliath 3 iris and all the rest flax... hard? please i got all those things in 10 days and playing around 3 hours without spending any cent.
    Do you want to know the reality? I have seen noobs with 5 flax shooting rsb and pem are you serious? Why the hell you buy pem and rsb when you can barely shoot 10k with rsb?
    that is the problem noobs have they want to be stronger than the top 1 in 20 days haha I have been playing this game for around 5 years(trust me im not proud of it) and now im strong as any guy in the game n i can kill like most of the guys in my server in a 1 vs 1. and we are talking about GA1 one of the most populated servers.

    So yeah the game is easy already if noobs really wanted to become stronger they could use 20 dollars that they can get every week and use it in their lil game instead of buying a coke and chips to get fat.
  14. What about asking questions? None of us or at least I dont mind telling most people the secrets to get to be UFE but seriously saying this game is hard is not even close.
    maybe noobs can stop wasting their uri in rbs and pem that its totally useless for a ship and start buying iris and bo2s and asking questions about how to get lf4s. To get at least 30 lf4s I used around 3-4 millions of uri wich if you work hard u can do them in 20-30 days.
  15. You can ask but that doesn't make things any easier, some people prefer to have a little fun over just farming for days on end for almost nothing. 3-4 million uridium isn't easy for the average player to make in a months time, attaining Lf4's can be difficult as well depending on your strategy on getting them, whatever way you dice it though, it's very expensive, most players won't even stick around and most probably quit before they're even FE.
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  16. Guys, this thread isn't about making things cheaper. It's about the community and its problems. I've underlined my blueprint sentence.
  17. [​IMG]

    TBH. I think Darkorbit actually is listening to us.

    For years before the changes happened, people came up with ideas for more damage, come up with skills, make more this and that. They listened to us. And now we all hate it but its too late to change it back since people spent so much money on the new changes. Just reverting back to the old client ways will mean people lose all the stuff on their accounts and then Darkorbit will have players sueing them. Then the game will have to shutdown due to all the legal things happening.

    Darkorbit had a bigger community in the past because when the game came out, it took more teamwork to do everything. It took team work to take a PVP map. It took team work to kill a Cube and Uber.

    These days, players are attacking players from same company because of reasons that would of made no sense back in 2008. These days, everything can be done solo. PVP, PVE, Quests. There is nothing that can't be done solo. Unless your facing about 20 Elite players at same time, then you will need to make an "elite" friend for 5 minutes to go fight.

    Now that the gameplay of this game has changed, it became more about selfishness of a player and the more money you have.

    As a personal viewpoint, I would rather spend 100$ per month to get more ammo than to upgrade my stuff to get an extra 200 damage and be able to survive an extra second in PVP.
  18. Yeah your right. Ummm well lets hope lf4s are put for 50k credits and every upgrade costs you 10k credits.
    so new players would stay in the game.
    Also a starting package with a goliath 10 lf4s lv16 all the drones incluzing zeus and apis all lv 16 20 bo2s lv 16 and 30 research points.
    is im missing something we can add it no problem. Just lets hope BP likes this.
  19. Your delusional, I've stated that it doesn't have to be a stupidly ridiculous giveaway, things need to change to make things cheaper and more fun though, things like this are what hold the game back, a sarcastic and bias towards change community.

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