MCB-25 for credits

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -zombiedude-, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. Btw, are you guys giving noobs a hard time because you guys are afraid that they would pop you? And btw no I am not afraid when I hunt I only hunt people the same size as me, I leave noobs alone. x1 ammo has been used for very long already, infact its too long. In rockets there are 2 credits rocket types but what about laser ammo?
    How many types of laser ammo are there in this game? Would it hurt if x2 become the basic laser ammo?, there is x3 , x4 , rsb , cbo etc. left. So why are you guys over-thinking about x2 laser ammo. Is it because of the dmg? Yeah DO is currently stuck on BO-2 and they arent creating or atleast creating BO-3. But x2 ammo is not much of a big deal. When DO makes a new map these will be needed. and btw a fully maxed shielded goli can reach 1,600,000 shields, so I dont think it would make DO overpowered if it turned x2 into credits. And all the other UFEs, dont get so greedy and selfish. x2 ammo is nothing in your head. all you guys use are x4 and rsb. So let the noobs have a chance to explain. All I see is that you guys are grabbing this thread and this thread is actually for noobs , not for us. You guys have already gone through those times when you were a noob. Just because you guys didnt get good things at your time, is there a law that you must not let others get it? You guys rarely use x2 ammo , infact we dont even use x3 ammo. So it wouldn't hurt to make x2 a credit ammo, 100 credits per salvo is too high for noobs. make it 20, its x2 ammo not 100x ammo. x1 ammo is 10 creds per salvo so should x2 only be 20 creds, and btw noobs arent just going to buy 1 k , they need more. So 10 k x1 = 100 k credits, 10k x2 = 200 k credits, fair enough, or are you guys afraid you might get popped by the noobs, if yes tell me how high their basic dmg can be, are their dmg as high as ours? An FE goli using x2 is no match for a UFE goli, FE golis can only do 4-5 k basic dmg. and UFE golis are around 12-15 k basic dmg. And for noobs, they also have some pvp quests so they might need the x2 for hunting stronger players, although they might not hit as hard, it all depends on their intelligence. I have soloed a UFE aegis when I was a noob.

    Just my opinion, Cheers:)
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  2. LF-3 for credits will never happen, I am 100 % sure until LF-4 gets into shop.
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  3. Juggernaut, no offense but you need to go play the game more. Doubling the base damage in the game(in effect)--that is a HECK NO! GO WORK FOR IT! People today have it so much better than the rest of us ever did but yet they constantly want more. I have worked my way out of the non-fe stage and I can say without a doubt, noobs don't need a lot of help anymore. I became fe in 3 months after starting my new profile and most people know I don't play much at all. It is definitely a long process but working at it every day gets you a little but closer. x2 for credits is a bad idea.
    Funny. If you have issues getting credits, you need more help than I can offer.
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  4. Lmao really? I remember the times when I was a noob not like you guys. Go work for it? I am already full, what else do I need? Unless DO introduce the LF-5 or BO-3 then I will work on them but for the moment I am full. And btw I said 100 creds per salvo is too high for noobs, not me, so watch your language. Then that proves your a noob, I became FE in 1 month and a quarter month. Ok nvm, Some greedy people don't like newbies getting stronger, I will just stay away from this thread. Too many greedy and selfish players. Call me a noob if you want. Even if x2 is creds I am still going to use x4. I got tons of them. come to GA5 if you want some..
  5. Oh yeah it is also a nice idea for newbies because they can test it before buying these for 0,5 uridium.
  6. vsc99073

    vsc99073 User

  7. All that proves is that you play the game way more than I do addict :p
  8. Yeah, I'm addicted to this game but I only play like 3-4 hours a day.
  9. I don't think this is necessary since the LF-2 became a credit item. Sure, it only represents a 50% increase in firepower instead of 200% but it is still significant. I like this idea but I won't be pushing for it. Dark Orbit is pretty good as it is. Trust me people, it is a lot better than Deepolis.
  10. Hey U, Yeah and +3-4 hours in the forums ;)

    On a side note about the topic, We all hit harder now than in the past. Get jacko ammo - hehe. Same price as x2 ammo anyways :rolleyes:
  11. SauronL

    SauronL User

    no omg , x1 will not exist
  12. lolz. Who needs x2 when you hit 8 k x1 ?;) Yeah no:p
  13. -Corex-

    -Corex- User

    I agree with the idea, i have 3 million X2 on my ship and i actually never use it, maybe on beta and gamma gate on BK waves, 20 per volley isnt bad too, since its a x2 laser, it makes sense that it cost the double as x1..
    I support this idea, i am Full elite 8 iris and this would help alot the noobs, incluiding me :p

    i dont think that Full Elite players can take out a UFE with just x2, hell, i even use x4 and rsb sepromed 31 lasers and i still cant kill a single UFE, what do you think x2 will do? it will only tickle their ships... :eek:

    I hope devs or a mod can pass it out to a developer and think about this new Idea and give noob players a little push to defeat stronger aliens

    this ammo will be great for NPC's and Gates!:D:D
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  14. I am using x1 ammo in groups :p


    Well someone knows what they are talking about...... don't crush their dreams w reality lmao
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  16. I guess, lol means i can bash npcs more often cause i can waste x2 lol im almost to 3mil x2, and all i have to do with this is turn ammo buyer to x2 and whal-la
  17. Next-Rise

    Next-Rise User

    I have to say no to this idea. It will make it that much more over powered for everything. Now it will take even quicker for new players to rank up and after that quick boost they will be impatient with the time it takes to become ufe. New players will start to leave. It needs to take some amount of work for them to become fe otherwise there is no point in them wanting to come back and keep playing.
  19. lol they stop playing before they get FE let alone UFE
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