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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, May 9, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

  2. BUG: Sometimes when you are destroyed by the NPCs, you will respawn and lose team-fire protection. I've respawned twice and got killed by the same players I was shooting NPCs with in the lobby.

    EDIT: This just happened to someone else, so I pop'd him in the lobby and got negative honor.... Trash event Bugpoint.

    BUG 2: My teammates are killing my PET, and sometimes I can kill theirs too... Scrap this event.
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  3. It was fun at times.
    Started and found it a bit confusing at first.

    A lot of NPC's whirling around and then there were the players from other companies that showed as being on the same team as I; except their PET showed as enemy (maybe make the team players and PET's the same colour).

    As above poster said, my PET got popped, but I am not sure if this was all part of the wargames setup. It did not appear that the actual teams were in place at that point. If PET popping is to go on, it should only be after the teams are set and 'some signal ?' is given.

    Also as above, once you are popped and still have a life (lives) left, the re-spawn should give an indication from the start that you are still on the same team. Possibly, if the teams are to be referred to as BLUE and RED, then irregardless of the ship model one has, all the ships on one team are a strong matching colour.

    Another point and only because of the massive numbers of NPC's that show up with the two teams; set it up so that members on one team cannot shoot their own team mates.

    The session seemed to go on for a very long time. Might need to shorten that up somewhat.

    After some consideration, I figure that as far as a test server goes, the merc games was okay; there. For regular weekly or bi-weekly, sorry, will not be expending the ammo in that event. Does not seem to have rewards to make the expenditure worth it.
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  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Well so far after 20 minutes in "Wargame' - As a war game goes this is really pretty sad. Nothing but wave upon wave of NPC's. Bit like playing DO without a clan or group and trying to do a whole invasion gate solo.
    Having "team members" (why are they called that, no-one works as a team) being able to just find a quiet spot on the map and avoid shooting anything - Sorta broken.
    Being able to join "a team" and leave at will - Is very broken, spend 20+ minutes shooting NPC's only to be kicked out because too many "team members" just give up and jump out.

    "After your team has completed 11 waves," - Not one of the original team members is the same. I started out the ONLY MMO member on my "team" (the rest were all EIC) and when i finally decided it was just not worth it there were NO EIC left on the team.

    NPC rewards - Again broken - If it is supposed to be a "team" event, shared kills should reward all those who help kill an npc. 6 players shoot an uber and 1 gets the reward?

    Rejoined to see if i could get a team that was working as a team and - Seriously - You dump a whole bunch of red tags on the map at the same time you dump waves of NPC's - I'd been in the instance less than a minute and i'm surrounded not only by multitudes of NPC's but red tagged ships as well. Died of course and now can't do anything - You have been destroyed by - who cares what his name was - repair your ship to continue - No option to repair - no option to restart can't logout just stuck in event gate.
    NB; Eventually respawned in X-8, I joined the instance in X-1. Interesting - Went to make coffee, came back reconnected to server and am in X-1..

    Pretty sure this would so far qualify as Alpha - It is far from Beta. Unless like most new content it is meant to be OP and broken as hell from the start.

    1.. Teams need to be "teams" not just a bunch of random people thrown together.

    2.. Once in the gate the option to just "leave" needs to be removed. Or if an instance/team gets below 5 then all of them are kicked out - Adding new players to an already running instance is sooo broken...

    3.. Being able to join and leave until you get a team you like - 5 red tags (that i saw as i died to them) all from the same clan - needs to be fixed OR make it so players can build their own teams.

    4.. So far it feels like a poor variation of TDM (without the "team" aspect) with better rewards for the top players. Not likely to get much of an uptake from anyone other than the few top players... Get 10 or 15 members of a clan all leave and join instances until they find the right one - you have a recipe for "farming rewards"

    Hint; Throwing a bunch of random people together in a map 'IS NOT A TEAM", especially when the rewards are solely based on individual performance...
  5. I can't get the bonus uri and what not to outfit the ship to even play. Help pls.:)
  6. While being invader got killed and and got respawned on x-8 map and lost any rewards what so ever plus it bugged the queue and couldn't join.
  7. The biggest problem with this event is that it's made to stop MCC and it does that, but it still makes having three companies completely redundant. I actually like this events idea, but the excecution is lacking a little bit. Instead of random teams from any company, it should be random teams from one company vs another.

    There's also a few bugs but they were mentioned above, like attacking the P.E.T etc.
  8. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Not really sure how this "event" could be anymore broken but here goes..

    There is NO teams, it is purely every man for himself from the outset.

    Rewards for killing NPC's - again it is a solo event, only the first person to shoot a UBK (or anything else) gets the rewards.

    NPC spawns need balancing badly 5 blue dots in map you get as many NPC's as if there were 20 or 30 on your "team".

    Players entering and leaving the map when they choose makes NPC spawns broken - NPC's spawn 5 "team members" jump out. It isn't entertaining to be chased around the map by 30 Corsairs because half your team jumped out as they spawned.

    PVP, BROKEN (is putting it mildly) - by chance or not I don't know but when the red tags spawned in it turned out 3 of their "friends" were blue to me.. Seems you can shoot your own "team" once the flag for pvp drops. 4 vs 1 and 3 of them were on my "team".

    Pets getting popped by own team

    Sorry but this event just does not make sense, the "team" aspect just doesn't work which renders the rest of it Broken.
    I am sure as professional developers who understand how this game is played, you already knew the concept of this event was broken

    Before you start to worry about bugs in the event map, might I suggest you get the concept and mechanics right first.
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