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Dear forum reader,

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  1. They should all be honored for volunteering their time and energy to this game. It can not be easy to do, and don't think I could have the strength to try it out, as my anxiety level already stays above the roof by 75 feet.
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    nobody cares for the heroes of the past, only for the heroes of today - Fable1 Generic Guard

    and he was bloody right.
  3. How come you dont have the Boss listed?? Fuzzy Slippers

    T <3
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    Why is it dead threads such as this don't get moved to the "DEAD THREAD" section.
    It has not been updated in over a year, is not close to current and really provides no useful information (for anyone other than a very small minority) that isn't duplicated in the also pinned thread directly below it "Past Moderators".

    How about moving them to "Achieves" - Those who may be interested in the history of mods can still find it and it reduces clutter in the forums.

    NB; There are many more out of date threads in most sections that could be achieved, this is just 2 of them.

    ?? Are the current forum mods so busy they don't have time to clean up the forums, or do they just not care?
  5. Deter

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    These are pinned threads and they will not be removed.
  6. Sgt_Ocker

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    LOL.. I didn't really expect out of date threads that contain absolutely no information relevant to current game play or players to be removed.
    I was hoping someone from the mod team could explain why though the forums are so cluttered with such threads.

    PS; Just because at some time a thread was considered worth a sticky, doesn't make it relevant 4 years later.
    I think that is one reason a role for Mods cam about, to clean up irrelevant threads, achieves were created for a reason
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  7. This does seem to need a look through as the list has not been updated in 3 years.
  8. This is also "Speakers Corner" and these are seldom if ever archived or even closed, let alone seeing any input from a Moderator, unless it has turned into a "flaming" or "beat up on team" thread.
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    Have merged Past Moderators thread to this thread to please your eyes. The post can be seen on the first page. Whether this thread should be updated will be looked into as it is a user made thread if the user wishes to update it. Won't be easy as the Moderator Team are not easily allowed to disclose much info regarding the mods on the team, unless they wish to post on the Meet the Team section.

    If you believe you are able to or do better job at "Archives" the forum, then please read and apply here:
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