Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Saw a new player in a peanut almost had a heart attack lol!!!
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    On a serious note, been playing this game since the day it came out. And this MCC crap is just that a pile of stinking crap. Don't see why you have to gain honor anymore there is none left in the game. What happened to the great battles we had invading and defending our companies. Or the epic battles for the space ball. Now its just every man for himself unless you join a strong MCC. I quit playing a few years back, came back hoping things would be better and to my disappointment they are far worse....Look at it this way though when everyone else is gone the MCC's will be forced to break up and play against each other. Or just sit around and stare at each other..
  3. hahah

    Yep totally agree.


    **Success is never Final & Failure is never Fatal**
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  4. memrix

    memrix User

    you did? Wow that is seriously rare nowadays, please don't tell me you immediately destroyed it?
  5. I said it before but here is a sure fire way to end all MCC if a VRU is killing EIC then all the EIC in that clan is charge the -Honor
    and it will stack up just like its the EIC killing his own company in a matter of days all EIC in the clan will be outlaw or they will run from the MCC clan just a simple rule change

    They change the rules all the time this is no different
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  6. steviray

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    Hello OP32,

    Well. im a blunt fella so. DO a multimillion dollar game has suffered and will die because DO refuses to build a well rounded gaming platform and caters to Pay-to-Win players. You say this is a difficult problem to solve. i Have to laugh. The solution is right in front of DO and has been since the inception of the game.

    Please don't try and fool me with the difficult solution spin please. DO caters to these players because they pay the money that pays the bills. They've focused on big releases to generate big revenue instead of focusing on and building a broad based market to pay the bills and special releases to jack the profit margins. not a wise business model in my eyes but hey thats just me. eventually you build a bubble that cant be overcome and the company suffers because gimmicks are just that gimmicks that do little to nothing to help the overall health of the DO community.

    The solution i speak of - the OUTLAW system with a few tweaks it could be used and DO doesnt have to beat there heads against the coding wall.

    1) A MCC is not a company clan IT IS AN OUTLAW CLAN, and therefor ALL members should be branded as outlaws and receive the appropriate penalties. These penalties being those applied to an outlaw ship with one big difference they are static and unchanging.

    2) a ship that joins a foreign clan is not a company ship IT IS AN OUTLAW SHIP and should be dealt with accordingly (again static penalties). the only maps where they would not receive those penalties would be you guessed it pirate maps maybe 4-4 and 4-5 n BL (Make the gates two way and drop an asteroid in 5-1 and 5-3.)

    4) now since DO will insist on not destroying their perceived customer base. I offer up this, having this arrangement opens up the door for "company tech" durable reliable well maintained and "outlaw tech" black market, rigged, faulty, glitchy.
  7. to end mcc i think we have to find out why people do it. its simply to gain rank by having alot of bases. Or the top UFE player get board and wants to pvp the whole server

    1) i think we should do something about the lack of pvp events and how pve events turns into a pretty bad experience on new players. Like this Demaner hunt i cant even shoot the npc before being insta pop by some ufe

    2) i think we should limit how many bases a clan can have or make it so bases can only be assigned to company exempting 4-5, 4-4 as any company clan use them.

    3) change how the quest works first by organizing it by levels (like lvl 1-lvl 5 has these 10 missions, lvl 5- lvl10 has these etc..) and separate pvp and pve quest
    -----> the reasoning behind this some of these pvp quest are impossible to do if there ship specific unless you try to farm noobs which is why some mcc exist is to complete these hard quest as the player base has sort of died off

    4) make raid boss gates which people can do. every mmorpg has a raid players can do except this game. There never like a gate where u have to solve puzzles to get to a boss or a rewarding feeling from killing npc (except low). i think a raid we can do every friday or Saturday

    5) the reason i say raid is because we should change how company works. there shouldn't be a factions that divide players anymore instead we should make it into a class one person can pick to gain a special perk or bonus. This would mean redoing certain maps but i think it would be better if player pick a class and unlocks maps as they level up going from 1-x to 2-x to 3-x than upper same thing.
    ------> this way we dont have to divide up the small player bases and more people can be involved without being in a clan not feel alone starting out.

    6) rankpoints and and what rank you have shouldnt be tied, there should be pvp events in each server where the top fighters can earn it every month. Just because you can do Hades for 24 hours every sunday with 240% ep and honor boosters doesnt mean your a good player.
    ------> i think you should be able to earn up to Chief Captain. and after that you should get your rank from the pvp event

    7)Make the game center around clans and not compaines

    8) the progression of the game and how certain things are earned is another topic but it takes a super long time to get UFE, i think doing mission from level 1-17 should reward you with 30 lf3, 30 b02, 8 apis which should be spread out as you level up.
  8. Railgunner

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    I'd first like to point out that trying to address this in 2017 is hysterical. At that point, it was a problem for over 7 years. We're talking over a decade now...why even bother. Things like that was good business for BP at the time and that's why it was allowed to exist. Heck, I'll go as far as to say they knew it would happen and are responsible for it.

    I'm not making any personal attacks on you Leave, just wanted to explain where I think the game stands on your points. If I had to make a list of things to get rid of MCC, this is what it would be.

    1. Get rid of the ability to make alliances. Yes, players can still verbally have those pacts outside of the game itself but to engineer that feature into the game only makes it easier for them.

    2. Just get rid of the companies altogether. The 3 companies literally serve no purpose other than to distibute ranks amoung the different teams. This is a bit more drastic and I would preferably like to see number 1 happen but this is also an option.

    So it's pretty easy really. If you don't want Multi Company Clans, get rid of the companies, or the clans, or both.
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  9. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    So is anything being done to correct this atrocity?
  10. never mind clans sort the companies out for goodness sake im getting popped 24/7 by my own company just because they want to hit things im hitting.... Hell i was hitting hitac and some random member of a clan called War came over popped every player there (he was in my company along with 4-5 others) and just left didnt even care for hitac *** is this ??? noob shooting simulator ??? just because you had the time to grow does not mean you have the right to just shoot everyone its a game people need to grow you all say botting and cheaters are killing this game well no unfortunately you are wrong its the (top dogs) that think because they are top they can do what they want regardless... i have 150 hours not exactly brilliant at this game but i can put up a little fight...
  11. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    So Spaceball is happening right now. You know, the company vs company event. Tried to play but ended up getting shot by all three companies from the same clan. Just hoarding the ball and not letting anyone close (most are using third party aiming systems, let's be real) - looks like to advance in this game you gotta join 'em cause you sure cannot beat them.

    Fix this. Y'all obviously know it's an issue.
  12. Wait, so they didn't move the ball, just did something as stupid as keep people off? That doesn't even sound like a multi clan issue, just stupid people, what about the rewards? Lol.
  13. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    They moved the ball, but they did it like this:

    Let's say there was a total of ten players around the ball (it was a quiet time on the server for some reason) - 4 are MMO, 3 are VRU, 3 are EIC. Myself, I'm from Earth, and the ball was moving towards my portal. I see EIC >>> on the score-card, so I assume my company is making some moves so I fly up to the ball. Here's what I find:

    The three EIC are shooting it. MMO and VRU from the same clan are just hovering around it shooting any ship that isn't their clan off the ball. I assume once it scores, they pick up their share of the cargo.

    MCC's are ruining these fun events. Gosh, remember back in the day when it would be 30v30v30 from each company actually battling FOR their company and not just their clan? Sigh...

    They obviously know it's an issue since they ask for your feedback on it, but have done nothing to correct it. It's a shame.
  14. Yeah that sadly happens every time with spaceball.
    I wish they would change it so only the ppl form the company where the ball went through the gate can colelct boxes.
    So if MMO scores only MMO players can collect the boxes
    If EIC scores only EIC can collect

    It would not entirely solve the problem, but at least it would make this multi company bs less rewarding, for those who are doing it.
  15. kidfire

    kidfire User

    I miss the days of hunting down clearing enemies from my maps with fellow eic members and clan mates.
  16. Considering my server has been multi company since like 2009 or 2010, I'm used to it, formed my own multi clan and went to war with the others, we were Top 8, and played it fair until I decided to retire from the server, then 1 year later the game, and the others bailed too. I personally see no issue with multi company clans, just the type of people in most of them. Hell, SB isn't even worth the rewards so I'd just be hunting everyone in the map anyways, well... That's what I did in the first place, while ya'll try to get rewards, I'm wracking up a hundred kills or so and then going back to farming.

    Another things about MCC's that isn't bad is, for example, on my server, majority of the English users are in 1 company, so the few that aren't need an English clan, and don't want to switch, so they join up, then you have the newbies who need help, so they join up, and you're a MCC for even those reasons.
  17. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    Each player should be given one free company change (no uridium, no honor loss) and a two-week time limit to do so. That way they can figure out which company they wanna be, and all join up. When the two weeks is up, company changes are back to their original costs and clans can no longer have multiple companies in them. "MMO", "EIC', or "VRU". No "All" anymore. Any player who changes to, say, EIC while in an MMO clan, automatically gets booted out.

    It seems like a pretty easy fix, unless I'm overlooking something?
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  18. I've seen the negative effects of MCC's, but have just never been bothered by them enough to care, I went with the flow of it, but then again, I'm a Battle Junkie and enjoy the thrill, most of the players on this game want to NPC and do willy nilly.
  19. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    The Great Equalization of DarkOrbit:

    Two-week fixed interlude where one company change is possible per account with no penalties. Allow the MCCs to sort it out amongst themselves which company to join. Other players can too. Shake up the servers, let's start fresh for the beginning of 2021. Let us re-explore the game. New companies = new societies. New faces in new places, fighting FOR your company and not against. I think it's just what the game needs.
  20. 3 years later and what happens with this issue Devs ???

    this is one of the most important reasons why the game dead now

    i started DO how the first day was on europe 1 with lf2 lasers shooting, and buyed full fe for 80 euro that days

    i dont understand all the probelms and issues around drop the MMC

    this game is builded for the first reason MMO, VRU, EIC

    they fight against each other and trying to be the best company

    aliances and nap and wars also no problem so long from 1 company, other company's stay always enemy lolll

    but mcc only builded for the reason the devs that time count make it on that way thats way they let it for all companies
    now this days the clans only using it for trying to be the highest clan with points for the rest nothing.

    but problem now mcc running the servers as top 5 clan and make couple alliances and nobody can play any more, events runned from the mcc clans and ranks also, ohw yeah also not forgot it dossent mather for the top players most of them have 3,4 ships running bot and 1 playing in time they banned they using again an other ship so it works ingame and every body can say i dont bot lol stars belongs to the bots and top players (clans)

    wen the devs wil stop mcc the game can be grow again i am 100% sure for that, only mcc is 50% of the problem
    and the reason that DO say we want that friends can stil play with each other is only an farce.

    players now from start on there 3 company's wanna play with each other then join that company and switch over dumb to talk over honnor, what you want highest rank botted ship or play with friends only reason to have more companys is to have the highest ranks in 1 clan lollll generals flying auto mode 24/7 where is the honnor then ??
    its a honnor wenn play with your hands and not with a machine

    last years al builded for bots also new ranking system with titles just builded for bots, there is not 1 person what can shoot so many np's like the auto machines and in the hours they online the terorising the servers , ofcorse no problem for them with the best ships and uridium for rest of life there players what have 40 to 100 miljon uridium lollll

    simple drop MCC

    let the players take a choise for 1 week wil they stay own company or wil they change for clan wihtout losing honnor an one time switch company free.
    reconfig the clan NAP and ALLIANCES and WAR for all to 1 company

    then is the game back how it started, and can grow again.

    can 1 dev say how far the dev team is with this issue ????
    it takes already 3 years

    best regards
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