N.O.V.A didn't work

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  1. actually this needs to be fixed immediately, they are so expensive and the developers want people to pay real money for them and they don't work properly at all...
    today I tried to use one such N.O.V.A. AI with expansion for the ship's hold, it actually shows that the hold is more but cannot be used (no matter how small the percentage)...
    in practice, if I can test more of them, I won't be surprised if I find more such non-working N.O.V.A. skills.

    again I tried another NOVA with a skill for 0.5% experience points and it didn't surprise me at all that it didn't work like the other one with the cargo expansion...

    I just don't need to try anymore since 2 out of 2 times neither works.
    an absolutely non-working part of the game for which they want money, and is it right to do it like this?
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