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  1. This future must be remade :

    1st. the ability to use only one NOVA is absolutely not enough, it is necessary that more of them can be equipped and used, this can be done by raising levels (or opening slots)1 ->3->5 let's say
    2nd. to completely redo the menu in the hangar window because it is quite confusing and inadequately done with the N.O.V.A.
    (at least in my case, the translation into Bulgarian is disgusting, as everything translated into this language is absolutely incomprehensible and sometimes untranslated)

    3rd.skills are generally insufficient for any N.O.V.A. , there should be at least one more skill for the money it costs, and in percentages you have to think a little more, they are absolutely insufficient even for novice players who practically have no way to own them or those from the golden environment with medium class ships and the smart in the game:
    example how much is the skill 1.5% damage from rockets that do 2000 damage...

    at least give the people something to grab on to as the slang says get stocked what are these bullies straight up against people absolute noon robbery this is the background of your whole game no wonder it's full of autobots who practically only pay for the hacks and not for game development. It's about time you got rid of the bunch of people who are ruining your game and take control, don't you think?
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    Nova's could have been an interesting addition to the game but this is DO sooooo...

    Just another example of DO clearly showing - They don't understand their game or how it's played..
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