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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Oct 8, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    Please post your feedback here. It would help us if you would list BUGS&Issues and thoughts separate.


    [Bug]unable to craft lasers.
    [thoughts] test server was aweesome etc etc.
  2. Issues / thoughts :

    The desired level indication and the quantity to be leveled, needs to be more visible (either but text size or a strong contrasting color).

    The order of the ICONs should not be so jumbled about. As new (and/or temporary) items are added, only add them to the front of the selections that are available.

    Far too much 'stuff' is being pushed onto the client screen (map page, whatever). The screen that the map shows up on should only have the following:
    1 - Basic Map
    2 - Mini Map
    3 - Star Map for jump chips
    4 - The Ship (plus P.E.T. , drones - if equipped)
    5 - System status (shield, hp, cargo, speed, configuration in use)
    6 - Log-off button
    7 - In case the possibility exists that some form of arena comes back to life, then a separate arena request button be available as well.

    All the rest of the current icons/buttons put over to the back-page.

    In addition, the Quest list should be available on a per level basis and have all the level specific quests able to be viewed at one time.
    Once a player levels up and have completed a high percentage of quests from previous level, then the next level can be worked (but only the previous and new, current level of quests)

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  3. -axl100-

    -axl100- User

    Browser games should be playable on the cheapest netbooks.
  4. I did notice when i clicked to upgrade a prometheus laser to lvl 16 it said like 63 hours seriously and is that with the boost as well, most items only take a few hours to lvl 16 if your consistent with one upgrade after another.
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  5. i recieved the login bonus on test server but they arent showing up on the game page , hence i m not able to test out the new things , can someone help fix this ??
  6. i like the new assembly & upgrade system easy to assembly stuff and upgrade all in one good job but do not like that now have to upgrade Prometheus laser y so now if upgrade laser to lvl 16 it hit more from 212 max saying like what 300 max or so new shields look OK but need time to assembly and upgrade
  7. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    1st off, I presume you are aware the Sep lab is not connected to the new crafting interface - Can't build anything requiring Sep despite having it in my lab.

    2nd, if the intention here is to drive away those without credit cards - Well done, I believe you have finally driven that final nail into the coffin.
    Adding crafting materials where the cost to gain them is best done with $ instead of actually undertaking in game activities, is just greed at its lowest level.
    You want to use Chromin as a crafting material, by all means go ahead but at least make the drop rates from gates worth while.

    NB; A QOL for the all new and "improved" upgrade system - How about being able to upgrade more than one laser of shield gen at a time. Click select, Click build, Click skip, Click collect - Over and over and over, seriously.
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  8. Followed the test link but sadly just takes me in to the normal game after logon. So again I cannot test the new system
  9. SaphyraHUN

    SaphyraHUN User

    just charging the game can't be tested and why not let the prometeus laser lvl16 be drawn when invetory is all
  10. Just go backpage and click on the little globe icon underneath the user ID; If test server is active, you should see the 'new' available tab 'Test Server'. Click that and you should see the backpage change and a default ship shows up. Go hangar and swap as needed.

    There is also a 'Skip' function that can show up. I may have over-used mine and it is greyed out atm.
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  11. thoughts:
    After I re-examined the new equipment cost on the test server (that was a fairly good intro devs - thanks for that); I came to the conclusion that although there will be some willing and able to drop the finance and time into the game and become as potent as ever, it will make this game unaffordable for me. Whatever I was able to do on the test server, still was no where near what I needed (it seemed that way anyhow). I had full boosters, both regular and shared; levelled up the new b03's as well as the prometheus laser. The little cyborg did not stand a chance against other ships even 1 on 1. Trying to utilize the x4 and rsb in a toggle fashion did seem to make an upward change to damage numbers, but I could get popped in 3 shots even when I used both configs and could not make much of a change to the shields of the opponents.
    To get hold of the components to do upgrades would, for me, be a costly and time consuming effort (talking actual years); and the result would be to no avail against the others that would still be out there.
    Once this new setup goes live, I will have to forgo further participation in this game.

    I'll say bye now; and good luck to the majority that will inevitably stick to it. 9+ year sis all I could do.
  12. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Sadly mate it appears these changes aren't meant for the "average" player, they are specifically aimed at botters and wallet warriors.

    New crafting materials, gained by doing gates (costly if you don't bot uri) is just giving those who exploit the game another "I Win".

    Personally I'm really tired of hearing - "I'm not playing this week, have to bot gates and BL maps"
  13. i upgraded my lasers, shields instatntly using the skip option when after several successful attempts i cannnot use it anymore. i still have abr and i-chron, where have i gone wrong?
  14. I am just gonna hang around some more cause in my eye's the game is heading in a good direction, yes there is a problem with certain individuals and i know it's actually a lot of them but changes take time.
    The new daily missions are to help average players so is the uridium bank it may not be perfect right now but keep giving feedback even if it's bad is only gonna help them get it.
    And if it doesn't change after the new system comes then choose to give up the game or not.
    I did notice when i did a gate today that it looks like they more than doubled the chromin drops in the gates so who know's what's next.
  15. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    I too noticed they increased the amount per drop, sadly it seems they decreased the amount of drops as i still only got the same amount from a single gate as i did previously.
    If the new crafting/upgrade materials are as hard to get as Schism and Chromin - This update is going to encourage more gate botting by those who play that way as that is the way to get the new materials - Sorry but - No matter which way you spin it, as long as botters get to take advantage due to game mechanics the game is not going in a good direction.
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  16. excaliber1

    excaliber1 User

    I have played this game on and off for the last 10 or so years. It seems as though every single year there is some ridiculous thing that makes the maximum damage get higher and higher, but we still have the same ships that we've had for the last 5 years. I like the fact that you are raising the maximum amount of shields. (Or letting someone put up more damage while still having adequate shields) But, I think that the ratio is getting a little out of hand. I think back in the day, when a 1v1 fight would take 20 or 30 seconds at the very least was much better in terms of true skill based PvP. Now however, it's not nearly as enjoyable to be on either side of it. I go hunting, I get the drop on someone, and it only takes me 5 or 6 seconds until they are dead. If I get a 2 second head start, I win every time. The same is true for the other side. If someone uncloaks on you, and you don't have autolock (which I personally think the scripts are MUCH more impactful to the game in a negative way than the botters are) then you lose every time. When everyone is hitting 300k spike shots, and the only playable ships have 400k hitpoints, it is pretty much redundant to even be interested in PvP. It becomes "Who can get lock first?" which as mentioned before, will always be that guy who runs auto locking scripts. I say instead of trying to make it so that we can hit 400k instead of 300k and then just give us some more shields (more shields doesn't matter anyways if the other guy is running moth) Why don't you try to first and foremost, get rid of the EASILY measurable OBVIOUS cheats. (If me and everyone I know can spot it right off the bat, you have to be able to tell. Like seriously, come on now.) And then after that, can we MAYBE get SOMETHING that can give us more HP?????? It's seriously the only thing that hasn't been buffed since like 2012. If you are buffing and upgrading the different base aspects of the game (damage, shields, etc) You need to upgrade them ALL. On another note, this is making the gap for new players even bigger and making it even more unrealistic to actually build a ship in the state of the game today. If you ever want another wave of new players, maybe you should make it reasonable for them to build an account. Without any kind of cheats, and only buying premium and rebate, it would seriously take a brand new player AT LEAST 2 full years to get to UFE. People aren't going to put that much time into a game that hit it's prime 7 years ago... Just saying. Know what your place is in the gaming community. LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS and try to make the game something that people actually want to play. I'm from the US server, and I can tell you, it is DEAD AF literally like all the time. The only people on are people that just bot 24/7 so that they can stay ranked for the end of the day "I'm bigger and better" competition. No one is playing. Don't you want to pull the same kind of revenue you did back in 2010 or 2012? I know it was alot more than you are now. If so, then maybe you should try to make the game inviting to all players, and make it something that people actually want to log on to. Nearly everyone I know who played this game very seriously at some point, has quit. All of it due to the ridiculous updates that don't listen to players and make it nearly impossible to play the game. Seriously, it ACTUALLY seems like you (the devs) are done with the game and just want to kill it off without just unplugging the servers. I'll end my rant now, but if you derived anything from this, LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS. THEY ARE TELLING YOU WHAT THEY WANT. EVERY FEEDBACK THREAD IS FILLED WITH WHY SOMETHING IS GOOD OR BAD. ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THAT. YOU HAVEN'T DONE THAT FOR YEARS. USE SOME COMMON SENSE AS A PRODUCT OWNER HERE.
  17. retire using chromim for B03 assembly.
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  18. I just cannot fathom the logic of making prometheus even more deadly. By doing this whatever upgrades you make to the shields is negated 20k extra shield from the bo3's if you use a standard speed setting + the 7% from upgrade would not inconvenience the prometheus now let alone one upgraded to level 16. In fact you have made every ship even weaker than it was originally. So many times I see these brain dead portal jockies appear from cloaks RSB ships and no more than 2 shots the ships are blown to bits . Surely this is nonsense and a real slap in the face to the players who have spent years upgrading their ships. Move away from the damage aspect and try a survival based premise. Would make the fights last longer like back when DO rocked

    Hello, long time since I've started playing DO. So many new updates I look forward to like the B03 but the fact that you can not instant craft a drone now and the price of each piece being linear instead of exponential/logarithmic means that prices are not in favored for people who are near finished completing it.

    There is a compensation of course for us players of 1 zeus part, but if the prices are going to cost 33k uri each still, then it would still take me 3x33k (99k) to finish building one instead of an instant 78k for being 4 pieces away.

    How does this compensate me? It has only further my headache on acquiring more uridium. I will probably still look for all my parts in booty boxes but perhaps if someone were like me and didn't have a head's up then they'd surely be at a loss.:(

    (yes im still a nine droner lel)
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