New BUG appear ???

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by R.I.P_BSGO_InFlames_, Apr 12, 2023.

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  1. For two days I have come across something new that has never happened to me before.
    Although it will be difficult for me to explain what is actually going on with the game and more precisely with HANGAR.
    While playing I notice that I am quite slow in terms of speed, and after opening the hangar of the ship, engines are actually MISSING from the ship in both configurations, one 1 number and the second 4. At first I thought I had done something wrong but at 2 -the configurations something is wrong.
    Today, although I have not entered the hangar, the exact same problem occurs and after I checked the engines, the picture is repeated.
    It is only about the engines but not about the shields.
    They just disappear like that...


    I caught it, I found where the problem is and it's up to the developers to fix it
    I'm playing with an ORCUS ship.
    Yesterday I did the seasonal missions and got the new design MOBIUS.
    I described above about the problem with the engines, namely when changing the MOBIUS design, the hangar gets stuck on "loading..." after which a refresh is needed on the hangar page and everything is fine and when we enter the ship's inventory, the engines are gone. I tried this with the EMPYRIAN design and replaced it again with MOBIUS and the motors problem reappears...

    ! ! !and experimeting a little bit and found there each time you changing DESIGNS on ORCUS

    DIDN'T TRY P.E.T DESIGNS TO (some of them are blank no colors just white form)

    server :GE3
    UID :170726907
    18:00 LST
    21:00 LST
    I don't know the exact time ,looking into my log and see that time im not playng.
    probably experimenting with hangar
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  2. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello @R.I.P_BSGO_InFlames_ ,

    Can you please provide the following so a bug report can be created:

    - User ID
    - Server ID
    - Time's (Local Server Time) this occurred (<- Most important for developers to be able to find your logs)
  3. even today this still not fixed despite the seriousness of the problem.
    The problem is not only with the change of designs, it is deeper in the hangar page.
    After the sync days ago, the problems are multiplying hourly.
    In the bug described above, it is said that after changing the design, the page is not refreshed.
    As we know, there are a lot of ads and pop-up windows in the title page that we have to close in order to use the hall (hangar). Apparently, however, the page does not refresh after that and remains a dark point blank except for the logo of the big Dark Orbit button.
    Today, after logging in to see if there were any improvements or something, I used the marketplace to stake a few credits, then it asked me for a CAPTCHA confirmation, which ALSO turns out to be a blank dark pointer and no confirmation button...
    Practically, every time I use the hall, I have to completely relog the entire game.
    In the last week, a lot of things have accumulated to be fixed, but there are no reactions from the developers or at least any information.
    We look forward to your inclusion.
    I'm an AMD user if that helps, my hardware isn't new, it's quite a few years old.

    when you transport resources from skylab, a HELIX sales screen popup appears
    then after sending them the resources the HELIX pops up again and the game tells me there is not enough room in the ship even though it has transported them to the ship….
    and the point blank page problem occurs again

    these poink blank pages are not from today even from yesutrday they are from years agooooooooooooo long
    even the support page form are blank for years

    You CANNOT excuse every time you have problems with the AMD drivers that there are problems with them. And not everything is solved by clearing the cache ...

    Anders Fridén
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