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  1. sometimes people get nervous and click many times on the hangar, shop, inventory buttons because the game has poor performance, lag, etc. etc. there are so many problems you know.
    and the new capcha code appears on the screen, which detects you as a potential user of third-party programs
    the pictures are so low quality that you can't imagine they are practically unrecognizable...
    needs to be improved

    sometimes (more of the times) game crashes when you stay too long in the main page
    even you are not play in game window
    yesturday i try to check my LOG page and capcha going insane when i'm click on each page to find something unusual
    even you try to find you progress in
    ranking page or gate progress

    are these improvements good?
    or prevent people use hacks ,i don't think so ...
    like other capcha in-game red and black boxes
    i'm here butt where is capcha (boxes)?
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  2. Excessive

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    Something is broken with the captchas.
    Crafting sep and rsb - Get a captcha, clear it finish crafting.
    Drag Sep to lasers - get a captcha.

    2 in under a minute without having moved my ship.
  3. I had hall of fame open in backround for like 5-10min without doing anything when suddently captcha popped up there
  4. this becomes absolutely abnormal and absurd.
    each click each one and you get an answer to the captcha verification request.......................................

    where are the PICTURE improvements
    in a previous publication I describe the problem with the incredibly low quality against the background that we are in the era of 4K and 8K technologies...
    and there is no response or anything like that.
    How to recognize a dog depicted on a T-shirt that is 50x50 pixels and the dog is 4 pixels.

    Ta ta (H. Lecter)
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  5. SirThrills

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    Hello @R.I.P_BSGO_InFlames_ ,

    We are unable to assist with any details about the Captcha system, as there is much we do not get info on about it. If a captcha appears, you must answer it.
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