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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by =SERAPH=, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. =SERAPH=

    =SERAPH= User

    Greetings Space Pilots,

    Please post any comments/criticisms of the new Contact List feature in this thread.
    Details can be found in the Official Announcement.

    UPDATE: This feature is now live.
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  2. chixonator

    chixonator User

    its good, except when 2 people accepted my contact invite they did not show up on my contacts list even after i refreshed, and when i refreshed some name of a person that did not send 1 to me or that i did not send 1 to showed up
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It worked alright for me, nice utility update, no real complaints myself. Just have to get the issue ironed out for other people and then it will be fine :)
  4. The contact list never loaded my contacts, or clan members.
  5. Worked perfectly fine for me, i just noticed when i got those ad things for like buying the trade drone or something, it came in with the top half cut off and no way to get rid of it.
  6. Worked well, think it will be a nice thing to be implemented into the game well done from me.
  7. Off topic of the Test Subject itself, but the Test server runs 100 times better than the regular GB1 server :p.
  8. same for GA1, i can have graphics on and less lag, just hard to see the enemies on some maps with mini map.
  9. ramnik

    ramnik User

    What are your thoughts on the new Contacts thing? tbh only thing i have noticed since they brought it yesterday was alot more lag but overall i like it :)
  10. its always like that wen new thing comes they fix it at some point
  11. wait until mhh, by then it should be fixed -_-"
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  12. Don't use it don't really care about it probably another way for the account stealers to figure a way to get your account.

    I rather have updates to improve game performace and sort out other game issues that would be better time spent.
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  13. What's the point of the new contact system, there was nothing wrong with the old one. I think they should focus more on updates in which would be useful & improve the game, rather than the opposite.
  14. Yet, another useless update:confused:.If the maps were active Umm....maybe:rolleyes:.
  15. whoeva

    whoeva User

    I think it's ok. Doesn't cost uri or credits and could be quite useful during events or other times when there's more than a handful of players online.

    The only thing missing seems to be that the blacklist doesn't auto-ignore that player in the chat. Unless I'm wrong, this would be a much better use of this function :)

    As others have pointed out all the time spent on this update should have gone into fixing the current bugs and maybe getting a bit more of that promised dialogue that seems to have faded away like many of the players...
  16. Agreed
  17. Good Update, but I don't comprehend the symbols on the list. An update without costs is most better than with costs for us.
  18. ship5678

    ship5678 User

    How do I still send mail to my contacts?
    Also the New contact system should be on the start page to.
  19. You can click on the [​IMG] Letter-Button or you can go to this code:
    I hope I can help you :)
  20. Pretty useless and added lag, but meh, don't they all. I guess some will use it, but I just keep it closed as it takes up way too much space on my screen.
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