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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Azarameus, Apr 8, 2024.

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  1. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    This mission will not be at all easy. Almost impossible in fact:
    Destroy five specific NPCs in a row on any map before a botter starts shooting them.

    Rewards: A *proper* ban wave not just a 'friendly warning' so that the cheats actually lose ALL of their ill gotten gains instead of the current 3 days and they're back.

    Come on BP, give the few still legit players a break please? I just spent 30 mins trying to find 12 Kristallons. Bots need to go!
  2. test020

    test020 User

    oh, that means more cyborg package purchases? i remember seeing many cyborgs with numbers at the end of their names during valentines event. as if they were a project that is known for the iconic "choo choo" sound it makes :rolleyes:

    i would tell you to hunt on enemy maps but that just means they would target you with ease since they have magical reaction timers, especially if you are not playing in global pve server.

    i did some kristallon quests on hades, no joke i had to find a group of people that wanted to do hades *just* for the kristallon killing missions and if the ddos during easter means anything, these cabooses need to be blown up with another banwave or the server will be overloaded with new accounts trying to get the goodies for their little robot fights on the next event that allows for special boxes to drop.
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  3. Honestly. I gave up as the new stuff fights for them as hard as the players in the past using the help.

    One guy helpfully posted damage testing in the forums on my server. He helpfully left his HUD windows active. Dude had 25k booty keys and all of the new lasers already. Ship is level 27 registered 2 years ago.


    Its that blatant.