Open Beta Astral Ascension Update from 8th to 10th June 2022

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    Hello Space Pilots,

    We are planning an Open Beta for a content expansion (new Astral Ascension Update). To test and to collect user feedback, we will do an Open Beta first which will start tomorrow, 8th June at 11 am (CEST) and it runs for 48 hours.
    The test server will be open from 8th June at 11 am until 10th June at 11 am (CEST).
    The FAQ for this event is posted here:

    The link to the test server is the following:

    As soon as you login with your existing account or create a new account on the test server, you will get the following login bonus:
    • Premium
    • 20,000,000 Uridium
    • 20,000,000 Credits
    • 20,000 Seprom
    • 20,000 Promerium
    • 100,000 Chromin
    • 100,000 Isochronate
    • 100,000 Rinusk
    • 20 Prometheus Laser
    • 20 Caucasus Laser
    • 20,000 UCB-100
    • 20,000 A-BL
    • 5,000 SR-5
    • 10 BRB-2
    • 1x Tartarus Ship
    • 10,000 Polychromium
    • 10 Permit+
    • 25 Astral Booty Keys
    • 10,000 Mucosum
    • 10,000 Booty Keys
    Here’s a little list what we would like everyone to have a deeper look at:
    • Testing of the new Astral Ascension update
    • Testing of NPC balance, are they too easy/difficult to complete
    • Testing of the Bounty balance: Are the right level of bounty given at the right Rifts (not too weak for later Rifts, not too strong for earlier Rifts
    • Testing of the Scoring balance
    Here are some questions from our Game Design Team to be used in providing us feedback:

    Player Feedback for Beta
    1. Game Flow: Did you feel confused/lost at any point in the mode? If yes, which segments and why?
    2. Did you have trouble with any bosses? If so, which ones?
    3. Game Flow: Did you feel confused/lost at any point in the mode? If yes, which segments and why?
    4. General Difficulty for the whole mode: Were there particularly difficult waves/rifts? If yes, which waves and why did it feel difficult (enemy too much hp/deals too much dmg? etc)
    5. Rewards/Worth: Did you feel that the amount of rewards obtained is worth the effort needed?
    6. Any major flaws with game flow/systems
    7. Gate Selection/Variety: Is there enough variety of gates types?
    8. Enemy Selection/Variety: Is there enough variety of npcs?
    9. Are the bounties offered of a reasonable strength?
    10. Were there some things you wished you could do, but couldn't?
    Here is the link to our feedback thread:

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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