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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    Please let us know what issues or differences you have come across in the open beta test.
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  2. 1/
    Just jumping through a portal, not under fire, is now considered a re-login, based on the message given by the system.

    During any pvp style encounter; many of the ships seem to have the ability to disable all attempts by me to use my EMP, while the other ship appears unaffected.

    Any jump causes drones to revert back to default mode, losing any set mode that was there prior to a jump.
  3. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I never received the promised login bonus.

    More data. for some reason, when i click on the provided link to the test server, when I log in, it takes me to my normal server instead.
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  4. ID: 160380766
    0 Chromin...
    When will 100,000 Chromin be uploaded to my account?
  5. I´m glad you added a beta feedback channel on discord, maybe there you´ll actually listen.

    Here's my feedback:

    -The feedback in-game window does not work. It has been like this since test servers exist. We've said it every single time in the feedback area of the forum and nothing was ever done about it. Either make it work or remove it.

    -On this special test server we were told to not use our account and instead make a new one, as there was a chance of us losing our account. However, when we create a new account we are only given 10 prometheus lasers and a couple of ships, 20M uridium and 100k chromin. Now you tell me how the hell we are supposed to get the spartans and Hercules in 3 days to test the game? Lag usually occurs/matters the most in pvp scnerios. Guess what? It's not possible to make pvp with 10 prometheus, no BO3s and no ABR to upgrade anything. 20M uridium is not enough to make a full skill tree, buy elite ammo, buy APIS and ZEUS, and skylab should be maxed out from the start for us to have seprom for the skill tree.

    - I've said this in my forum post about code Mayday and I'll say jt again- you have NEVER played this game yourself if you think 20k UCB is an acceptable amount of ammo. It runs out in less than 1 hour when you run 48 lasers configurations. You could also give out more seprom and promerium on the ship to boost the lasers, rockets shield and speed to the max, why so stingy with it? I also noticed severe lag during prime time, and some lag spikes during off hours.

    This test server was very poorly executed and a lot of rookie mistakes were made. You never seem to care or fix these easy issues, let alone the hard ones. At this point I believe you just do not care about anything we say and are on "auto-pilot" vomiting content and collecting the money.
  6. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    The only problems I found with the test server were the severe lag and the drone formation reverting back to default on every jump.
    Creating a new account for the test server? I'm not sure what the guy above is going on about. A full set of all of the drone designs, proms and b03 lvl 16 would be nice though.

    I would suggest we update the Chromin a little and make it so, if we die in the gate with a box available, the box stays until collected.
    I would also suggest a slight tweak to the AutoLooter gear so that we can set a priority box to collect. Maybe make it set on the back page where "Use" would normally be. Make it so you select "Use" and set the boxes your pet collects (Auruss, Spaceball booty, map bonus boxes, Chomin, and anything else). That way, we don't have to worry about waiting for our pet to finally dislodge itself from a cargo box to collect the Chromin despite our cargo bay being full.

    Adding enough resources for us to build our ships seems like what you decided was best, but we need the ABR and oil to do so. Farming Rinusk is a big he** no. These types of resources should be provided even if the goal was to test the new ship modules. I also hope we're getting some returning modules from the next Chromin rush.
    Due to the incredible lag, I was unable to test how much Chromin each gate gave. I will get to find out when the event runs, but it's still a little disappointing.

    The Mimesis needs to be kept grouped with the Cyborg and Hammerclaw. The Mimesis should have got the design, not the Hecate.
    The Hecate goes with the Zephyr and Solaris.

    OH and one last thing
    We have waaay too many players to be sticking them ALL in one instance. Servers are already laggy enough with everyone on their own server. You need to start creating 5 separate instances, but keep the ships we have on the single instance on all 5.
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  7. "Creating a new account for the test server? I'm not sure what the guy above is going on about."

    Yes, if you read what the announcement for this particular test server you will see they advise us to create a new account to play on, as it is possible to lose the one we usually use with no chance of recovering it. That´s what "I´m going on about".

    "Adding enough resources for us to build our ships seems like what you decided was best, but we need the ABR and oil to do so"

    I had already said this, but you´re raising more awareness to it, I guess?
  8. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as Test server closed.
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