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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    If you have any particular feedback related to the Plutus Experiment please post here.

    We ask for technical issues please post in orange and general feedback leave in white text.
  2. There was a test server up? Sorry I missed it, what was the time frame (please if I may ask that) ?

    nvm - checked again and it was there.... must be something in the server selection box that cycles through...
    There now. :D
    Got the ship config'd; saw the new weapon. Except for the new weapon, not really sure why there is a new ship. Any ship could have be able to get a 'new' cpu to let it run a particle beam.
    Tried out the test map; the prison idea does seem to promote a co-operation factor; but I do not think it will stand up to mcc actions....
    Once prison was popped and the subsequent npc was also popped, I did not see any new resource drop(s). Was this an error?
    The feedback form from backpage was just 3 lines of stars but no category to select.
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  3. kauza12

    kauza12 User

    We got informed late about the test server
    Second the new map is so boring you have to wait for a year for the aliens to spawn ! too much time for the aliens to spawn got bored and left
    Also the new ship can look better and they all look the same, should have some customization and stuff to see different looks around
  4. I think for the new hecate ship to compete with the cyborg it needs to have a way better ability, the stats are pretty good. other than that i think that the x-5 medium risk map should be pve only, in order for people without clans to not get abused by MCC and farm peacefully
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  5. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    The event maps need a timer so you know how long you are going to be waiting for the next beacon to spawn.
    20 minutes is a long time to wait for less than a minute or two of shooting a beacon and npc.

    After doing a few laps around the event map, getting a few drops from the NPC, IMO this even is already broken by MCC and the fact you can lose all rewards simply because someone pops you just before the NPC dies.

    *I know DO Devs have trouble balancing the game (they don't seem to grasp what "balance" is) BUT simply adding more completely unbalanced content isn't the way to fix it...
    If you really want everyone not associated with the bully boys and dominating MCC to quit the game - Just say so, you don't have to keep forcing us out bit by bit. You obviously don't want things to improve going by everything that has been added over the last few months and this "event' is not looking good for the average honest player.

    NB; I did start this post in the hope of giving positive feedback - After a few hours on the test server - It is not possible to be positive about this.
    The new ship - Mediocre at best - The ability is just not viable unless your target sits still for you.
    Event maps - Will be dominated by MCC, company killing is going to be a major problem as rewards are based on how much damage an individual does - Once the NPC gets low on health, players start killing each other off it.
    The FAQ - Just has WAY too much information to be able to make sense of it. It needs to be spread out over several pages with an index to help make it easier to read.

    X-5 entry point for event needs to have NO PVP. Even on the test server you don't get to do anything as there are gangs of, currently, Uber EIC killing everything not EIC that enters the map. This is only going to be worse on a live server, especially when you add MCC into the equation - This event is a fail for the average player before it begins.

    Update - Who'd have thought you could get banned from DO Discord for giving honest feedback. I guess i should have expected it - Devs don't like hearing the truth
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  6. Adalon

    Adalon User

    New ship is ok but its ability is way to weak.
    X-5 map should be non PVP or restricted to the company as invasion gates - in otherwise it will be another event dominated by MCC.
    Aliens should appear more frequent, 5 minute from last kill would be OK i think.
    Timer counting down to spawn is great idea.
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  7. test123

    test123 User

    IMO you should always add premium on test server
    pt 2
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  8. souleater1

    souleater1 User

    The new ship didn't have the detail to it the others have it looks toyish at best, the so called beacons were never seen on any maps that I
    visited only way was thru the server list on back page. If u are going to require some of the perks on the Test Server that u have on the
    regular servers it should be free since the Test Server is never up for more than a couple of days.
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  9. As i said in discord:

    I focused mainly on the Hecate ship. The stats of the ship and the slots are great. It really is close to cyborg the way it is, but here's the downside - the ability.
    The ability's damage is more than 5 times less than the cyborg's singularity and has about 3 times less cooldown. Not to mention that Hecate's Particle beam also has 3 more downsides, speed reduction and limited range, while the singularity of cyborg has neither of the two and also the particle beam doesn't do damage directly to the hitpoints, while singularity does.
    A way i could make the ability better and more equal to cyborg's singularity is to increase it's damage at least 3 times, keep it ranged, make it so emp won't deactivate it (such as diminisher) keep it's damage to not be directly to hp (to compensate for the low cooldown and not being able to be cancelled with emp).
    The speed reduction tho... i'd completely remove that.

    About the "experimental maps" i'd say that it will be way better if they are company restricted, at least low and medium risks, that will prevent MCCs from gaining everything.
    I didn't manage to see any beacons or new npcs to try them, so i can't say anything about them.
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  10. I would appreciate a timer for each map, waiting for the next beacon to spawn is very boring.

    At the moment we have 3 tech factory slots with 5 different techs but with the new techs i would like to have more techs slots, increasing it from 3 to 5 seems fair since we will have 10 techs and the cooldown of them are 20 minutes.
  11. New techs won't be able to be built as said in the FAQ of the event, they can only be obtained through npcs and will get rewarded to your account. You'll be able to use them ingame, there's no interaction with the tech hangar
  12. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Unless I am misunderstanding the FAQ, you can only "Craft" some of the upcoming new techs but only if you are able to get the boxes from the "High Risk" beacons/npc's that appear in the 4-4 portal.

    This alone excludes a large majority of players from being able to get and use the new techs that can only be crafted using Opitite. [Explosive Charging Blob, Burning Trail, Retargeting Pet gear]

    I still live in hope that one day Devs will notice there are more players than just the elite, top, dominating players/clans and will create content that benefits all.
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  13. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    lol another event for the botr's, dev team ? I think my goldfish could come up with a better event !
  14. Veki

    Veki User

    I can't say much as I haven't played the event yet, but I see there are no event missions which is a negative point for the event.
  15. Hello all,
    I am repeating myself from a post but I am a clown right ,right..

    Really come on really,,

    I want to give 75,000 Uri and 10 LF4 for a device that can kill another pet lol..
    I think they are on OPtitititites there at the Dev team.
    Only good 30 seconds of high fuel drinking PET killing anger at another player while they kill u with one shot damage hack.
    In case anyone was wondering all the fancy cant shoot the PET gear is easily defeated by the Venom effect. Once a Pet is locked and Venomed it pops pretty quick.

    Retargeting PET Gear12,000 Optitite
    10 LF-4 Laser
    75,000 Uridium
    5 secYesYesEvent only
    Retargeting PET Gear – G-RT1

    With this Retargeting Gear, the PET will increase damage and only target enemy pets. While the Retargeting Gear is active, the PET will consume fuel at a higher rate.

    The PET can be equipped with this Gear in the Hangar. The Gear can be activated via PET window in the Client and will then be active for 30 seconds.​

    Plus does this also mean that the clans we are at war with can dominate the event or do we get PVP protection in the event?
    If no protection then larger MCC clans will war smaller clans to hog the rewards in the gates.
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  16. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    There were missions on the test server but none had rewards that were related to the event. So you can't craft anything from doing missions sadly.

    Pretty sure the whole event is designed for the elite [MCC] to benefit over everyone else.
    The Optitite is ONLY available as a reward from the "High Risk" gate that will appear in 4-4. Only the dominant groups [the same groups that monopolise pretty much every event] will be able to get the materials to craft, Explosive Charging Blob, Burning Trail and the Retargeting PET Gear.

    NB; They don't even have to send war to the smaller less dominant clans - The gates are all mixed faction.
    Right now the only one that has player protection [No PVP] is the "Low Risk" that will be in X-1 maps. You need to be LVL 16 or below to get rewards from it, although anyone [all levels] can jump in there and assist in killing the Beacon and NPC but without even rewards.
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  17. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Well sadly it is official - We have a new event designed specifically for the already dominant groups to prosper from while the rest of us get - A kick in the face from DO.

    I would personally like to say thank you to the Dev team and all others associated with the design and reward structure of this event - You unfortunately met my [already low] expectations of the event being at all balanced so everyone had the same opportunities.

    Just another event many will not be able to participate in. Well done

    As I've said before, if new/er players really mean so little to the game and its designers, just come straight out and tell us so we can start looking for a game that actually wants player retention to increase.
  18. in fact,since she only servers to fight against players,it would be better for he to be like this:
    new ship

    hecate, and 20.000 uridium reward to drops she ship.

    Lançadores de Missil1
    Habilidade Especialparticle beam
    Espaço de carga2.000
    Vida nano200.000
    Passivo: Dano7%
    Passivo: Escudo10%

    The ability good,solo action in players?Only but if can use singulary in npcs in % the that change for correct balance in game.

    For teh event dont not give ucb-100 or keys especials?They all give things much easy to adquire in shop or assembly in few amount?
  19. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Credit where credit is due.
    Devs listened to feedback and made some nice changes which will allow a great deal more of the player base to participate in and benefit from the event.

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  20. Day 1 of the event: Complete disaster.

    Evident from the negative opinion from the majority of users on the DO Discord. The top reasons that I noted are as follows . . .

    1) The NPC and Beacon cannot be locked because they are too many players overcrowding it; tested on both 3D and 2D with variable zooms, both producing similar results.

    2) Too long of a respawn time for the beacon; 20 and 30 minute respawn times are way too long, especially on a Tuesday when players have either class or work to attend.

    3) Too little reward for the time and ammo put into the event; this also ties into how long it takes for the Beacon to respawn, it is simply more profitable to do other ventures in the game.

    I respect the developers for doing their best, trying to put this event together the best they could in the amount of time and resources they had available--but it is clear the event needs some major reworking. ​
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