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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. If there is you would find them in event quests at the Nyx.
  2. Kante.

    Kante. User

    Turn off your Pet, but my Pet is on and stay this way.
  3. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    And that is exactly the problem. Players have their pet on and others can't lock the beacon or NPC because they hover over them. Players don't circle the NPC and Beacon, they deliberately fly over it to make it harder for others to lock them.

    Like most things in this game - "I can, so will screw with the event so others don't get to participate"
    This is the reason I ask that Devs disable Pets and create a neutral zone around the NPC's and Beacons.

    As I've said in other posts, this could have been a turning point for the game as far as MCC dominating simply everything, a new start for equality in events but Devs decided to stick with the "known to be totally broken", "this is the easiest way to do it", "lets just ignore the majority of players" format so yet another event only really benefits a select minority on each server.
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  4. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    Please keep an eye on Tech announcements tomorrow.
  5. Check "Event Missions" at Mission Control"

    I like the new ship in general for it's unique look. It does have a 7% passive damage boost and I think it has a 10% shield but I'm not sure about that . Have to go back to FAQ's to check . Different design skins or color schemes might be nice and yes , I think the special ability should apply to NPC's as well. Part of its special ability should have been giving it a smaller radar cross section to make it harder to target. That would have been good.And maybe some speed.

    I , against my better judgment, decided to play it out to at least one NPC nuke. I found that playing at off peak hours is the best bet. Even though there are still many players on the board , it is somewhat less and easier to lock on. Because of where I live I usually log on after Midnight server time .

    In closing I would just have to say that I was , at best , disappointed with this event.None of the rewards are permanent items and the cost was too great. It's an ammo dump and I do regret , somewhat , having participating in it.For me, the only bright side was a cool looking ship that has some potential for extra designs and upgrades .
  6. The new teck items like battle repair bot2 are yours when you get them but they are only available during the event, after the event you can use them whenever you want.
  7. All you have to do is keep your pet off and just launch it when the beacon appears once you lock the beacon or NPC. So simple. Only the lazy or greedy can't figure this out: the more damage to the BEACON, the better the NPC that spawns which means better rewards at the end when it dies.
  8. TY , I just meant that they did not offer any type of CPU , With the exception of PET gear, that's not a consumable. Some type of reusable/permanent reward would have been nice.
  9. Hello , someone know what its chance to get new event ship , and in what experimental ? 1 ...2 ? i kill alot aberation and nothing ... can someone help me with information . thanks for read !
  10. Veki

    Veki User

    Does the event end on 27th inclusive, i.e. event will end on 27th of February at 23:59:59? Or it will end on 27th at 0:00:00?
  11. Click the event in the backpage gives you a count down.
  12. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    I don't believe I'm the only one who is thinking this but the Plutus‘ Experiments event is as boring as a game can get. All I can say is wow we all shoot the same ship that doesn't move. Sorry to have to ask this but what fun could be had sitting in one spot shooting at one ship? Boy I have never even join in on the Hitac or the Demaner hunt events. Just way to boring and way to dumb for me. We have had good events in the past like attack of the killer pets or the pirate raid just to name Two. How about bring some fun events back or at least try and make them fun and just maybe give us more then one ship to shoot. Are anyother players feeling the same way or I'm all alone?
  13. Veki

    Veki User

    Thank you.
  14. I think this event was designed to drain the higher ships of Seprom and ammo. Another attempt to get us to dump resources.
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  15. I don't know what the odds are but , I got one with out even trying.
  16. tjohei

    tjohei User

    it should bee several beacons spawning on the same map , or manny npc spawning from beacon
  17. Kante.

    Kante. User

    This event is no fun. In real life I often have to be somewhere on time, or wait. However, I don't do it for fun. From game I expect fun. The recycled NPCs are pathetic.
  18. Upsides:
    • I liked the PvP free maps. Attacking this boss NPC without fearing about getting popped by MCC clans feels great, although it's a typical feature of all mediocre MMO games.
    • The progression points motivated to play this event.
    Downsides (and there are a lot of them):
    • There wasn't a non-attacking-zone around the event jump gates. Some hunters were just sitting there and farm the newbies.
    • The high risk beacon on 4-4 was untouchable, if you were not in clan. Being publicity executed was very frustrating.
    • The spawning time was way too short. You couldn't spend much time on something else, because flying to the gate and being some minutes before the spawn takes a while. It should be changed to one hour, the amount of HP+shield should be tripled.
    • The NPC rewards were too low. I have gained around 300 Uri per spawn, that's nothing compared to collecting bonus boxes (~6000 Uri per hour).
    • The quest rewards were bad as usual.
    • The ridiculous strong techs required a ridiculous amount of resources and Uri. They were obviously for extreme wallet warriors.
    I burned 100K MCB-50 and 1000 UBR and gained 3 Battle-Bots 2 and 2 Shield-Back-Ups 2. All in all it feels like a huge waste of time.
  19. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Agree on this fill the map with NPCs then we all can hunt them down. Instead of we all chase the same one.
  20. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Pity this event was just another in a line of events designed for a minority to benefit from.

    My hope is, One day DO management and Devs will do something that all players have an equal opportunity to compete in.

    Suggestions for the next time this is run;
    X-5 maps should be company only - This removes the ability for the dominating MCC to just flood each map as it spawns greatly reducing the chances for others to compete.

    4-4 needs to have mines deactivated while the Beacon/NPC are on the map.

    All maps should have the same spawn time - Make a choice, you do 4-4 or you do your company map - not both (or in the case of the most recent instance of the event - all 4 maps)
    - - - - -
    Hint for Devs; there are a lot more players than just the top MCC you continue to cater for with events - Fun fact, games that cater for new/er players thrive and grow (MAKE MONEY)

    I know DO has never been very good at designing events BUT to keep doing the same thing over and over for years just shows a complete disregard for those you don't consider in your design.

    Dark Orbit, the game where players join a company and fight for the supremacy of that company - Is no more, sadly.,.
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