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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Okapi32, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Zvera1,

    Please post on General Issues for any questions or concerns. This is a feedback thread but will go ahead and answer your question. You must have the Original Pussat Ship in order to fly the Sandstorm Pussat "Design". If you have the Original Pussat go to your hangar and activate it from there, hit the scroll down bar to select your designs for that ship.
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  2. steviray

    steviray User

    All this being said, assembly is a good idea despite the broke half cocked roll out, so was skylab, tech factory and upgrades. They were barely thought through and poorly emplemented as well. I like the game but its hard to with such a track record. Create a good product and people will pay for it, make a crappy one and well DO your learning that you couldnt give it away for free. the game is a shadow of what it once was.
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  3. tjohei

    tjohei User

    its too hard too get scrap,
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  4. I agree scrap drop rate is like 1% spent 30 min in lower maps to see how long to get 100 scrap, to my surprise never got even 1 scrap.
  5. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I went to lowers to do that quest for highfrequency cables and i was surprised i didnt see any scrap around and i poped around 100 npcs together
  6. Even before when doing gates you would see a bit of scrap and now lucky to get 2 pieces from the whole gate.
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  8. SauronL

    SauronL User

    u dont need to collect 5000 scrap for 1 thing , actually its way better if u earn some uri by boxing / cubing or killing lordakiums trying to get recipes, and then buy booty keys for this uri and open them.
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  9. well it get attention
  10. Zvera1

    Zvera1 User

    and i need to have ship design for 250k uri to fly whit design that do none?
  11. joeski50

    joeski50 User

    I thought this game was free to play , but its starting to to take a dark path . This new nano event needs to be fixed some of the players are not full elite. Plus, they don't have the cash to pay for something they should be able to grind for . Dark orbit , you need to fix this nano event you launched . First fix the crafting drop supplies for the assembly an you need to balance out what you're trying to sell an what is obtainable by grinding. Not all of us players are filled with money dark orbit !

    If you want more money add more player maps . The lag on the browser is garbage ,plus you need to give more attention to your loyal players . The Ultra full elite an the full elite need more challenges an some more items to keep them occupied . The crafting materials for assembly need to be balanced out for everyone to get a chance. The chat need rules for people to know what to expect an how to express themselves without getting banned . We don't need the rules in the chat at the last minute ! The SMOD need to send a message to the person about a rule violation if he is ban for small amount of time .
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  12. The paint job makes it worth all the while. I spent forever getting surgeon and 10 green drones and now I'm going to give the poison design full attention I love the idea and it gives me something to do! People are complaining but it's bringing new things to the game and I LOVE it! People need to think about it they're killing npc to gain uri anyways why are they crying about the npc dropping a new resource?

    Note to dev team, Great job guys ~LP~
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  13. It seems to me that they can introduce just about anything and people are so blind they buy into it. Who in their right mind spends real money on cosmetic designs. It would not surprise me that the next so called event will be designs (and when I say designs what I mean is different colours) for the venom and leo for example. What I am saying is that now they have turned spec designs into ships they have loads more options to bring out new colours for all of them.

    An endless supply of meaningless events with a price tag. We need to stop buying into this cosmetic sham and start to demand real game content. Proper events with daily activities, competitions for players of all levels, better event bonus boxes, better event quests with better rewards.

    Everyone complaining about low scrap drops etc, its that low for a reason just like everything else. They want you to give up trying and buy what you need with uri and to get that uri they want you to put your hand in your pocket. Its a business not a charity but what makes me laugh the most is the fact that they are achieving this just by selling things with different colours.

    I am not saying that they should not bring out different colours but don't make it a 2 week event. Just bring them out and sell them for credits. Because that is all they are worth. But as long as people follow without question the DEV team can slack off and dish out any old rubbish and people will love them for it.
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  14. Always complaining, you're going to kill the npc anyway picking up extra stuff is a good thing... so much crying they're making things different why are you so bummed? Because you can't have everything easily? I've been playing for many years and I have pretty much everything so this brings back a lot of game time for me I would love a USA west server merge having all these new designs and all the different combinations you can make your ship one of a kind think of how many games have 100 designs you can make when you want not many will come to mind I love the idea people who spend money on them have enough to speed up the process and nothing is wrong with that but for us who even play to slowly lvl up and get powerful and work to have everything in the game just to have everything in the game this is great!
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  15. Well I am glad that you are happy with your cosmetic designs. However, I think you missed the point of my previous post. Its all about how they are getting away with bringing out any old rubbish and calling it an event a 2 week event at that. Making it hard for certain people to take part without having or needing to spend money and for what different coloured ships and drones. :confused:. I wonder how much thought went into it.

    I have also been playing for years and the quality of the events have diminished to very little and the fact that they can and will do this over and over until all the ships have different colours bores me senseless. I really don't care about cosmetics. We should have events like we used to have, that actually mean something and that are worthwhile taking part in for everyone.
  16. steviray

    steviray User

    Although i have some issues with the event DO does deserve a passing grade for the assembly idea and the versatility and diversity that it brings to the game, thus a broader appeal to new players. A strategic element is starting to emerge in darkorbit; a mention in post suggest these new designs may be a part.(i hope is true) This i believe to be a wonderful addition to the game, it wont be who has the biggest gun or the thickest wallet its going to be how you use the equipment you can acquire. personally i would love to see some designs and perks come out for the leo, by far my favorite ship, let me assemble some goodies for it to make up for the smurfs ya take on board going into uppers and thats what id be flyin, lol. Maybe a power core design or assembly (that takes two slots on a drone) that would allow the leo to go in uppers for short periods of time say 15mins and instead of glowing bright blue, maybe a dim red or yellow depending on power level. AAWWEESSOMMEE!!!
  17. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Please, do atleast something from this ↓ , but better do all of that
    1) increase % chance to drop materials from npcs
    2) put more material in them - normal npcs 1-3 , bosses 3-6 , ubers 6 - 9.
    3) release material booster and put B01 in auction , b02 for uri.
    4) release pet gear that will collect materials only
    5) release pet protocols that will increase the loot by some %
    6) put materials for uridium in shop
    7) put 500 design recipes out in the world on specific npcs - its not too hard to change the color of already made ship, those ship designs took u to recolor less than 1 hour. Make a chance that EIC/MMO/VRU specific ships will drop this and that recipe. Think !
    8) let players try to figure out which npcs drop this and that design and enjoy online community
    9) look out for players coming back to play and enjoy the game, increasing pvp between companies.
    I guess this is better than 24/7 gg discount and people sitting in gates , cmon this is PVP game.
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  18. The designs are all nice and pretty, bravo but for me the event is a non-starter. The drop rates for the ores are far to low. I'm better off bashing cubes to earn uri to buy the nano components outright, this defeats the purpose of the assembly system if when it comes down to it I'm buying the pieces.

    Furthermore, the cost of the lance formation (the only addition I want) is stupid compared to the cost of the other drone formations. It screams out as a money grab and it's not one I will participate in. I have nothing against working towards a goal, or paying for a product when I see value in that product. These aren't worth the required time/effort.

    You need to make event that time wise are better than bashing cubes otherwise myself and many others won't join in. The quest are a joke as well, the sib one which gave 5k uri was nice as was the one which gave 5 booty keys, the rest aren't worth the time.
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  19. stop this coloring. we the players r not colour blind so that u game admin turning. game in a colour game. just tell me wat player's benifit after buying those cosmetic designs?
  20. 80+ uber lordakiums and still nothing... how much should i kill for ONE poison blueprint... this is just a big joke...
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