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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Dec 10, 2020.

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  1. remove wizz from pvp function
  2. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    cant log into play screen just get the connection bar going round and round but not connecting
  3. when i do get logged in 10 mins of playing everything locks up wont log out have to x out. the ship still moves around cant lock on anything pet is out in map some where and wont come to me or dismiss. logging in takes along time or muli times trying to log in.
  4. time out on back page may be fixed, but client is still in a disgusting state.

    This is on PVE and other servers. No client connection - 'attempting'
  5. Can't login for almost 24 hours, your new PVE server must be a dial up server.
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  6. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    I finally got in today. Seems to be working now.

    Crazy that 22,000 + accounts have been created on the new server. It's only a week old. Seems like there is a lot of interest. It's still bot world, but honestly my USA server was bot world.

    The nice thing about this server is that I dont get shot off bosses or ubers. Rather people invite me into their group. I dont have to fight if I dont want to. That way I am not taken advantage of when I am weak while doing ubers or not boosted. Now I can fight on my terms.

    So in spite of the bots and the congestion in the lowers. I like building an account on this server better. That said, I hate abandoning my level 22 account on USA. I would rather DarkOrbit make that chip available on every server.

    AUCTION: Just a thought. For 22,000 people to get all their basic gear through the auction at the rate of one auction an hour will take three years if each person got everything they wanted in just one auction. So given that reality, the prices at auction aren't coming down anytime soon. Best to build it or just buy it. If you are waiting on auction it will be a long wait.
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  7. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    What's the deal with the event Calendar? It was supposed to be gold booty box day according to the calendar (12/25), but that was not the case in the new server.

    New PvE global server went non-responsive in the middle of my Zeta gate twice. Second time I can't get back in. No connection. Contact Support form doesn't work either. :/
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  8. Veki

    Veki User

    Remove capability to shoot on player ships while in PvE mode.
    Players are exploiting this mechanics by cloaking, staying under aliens and waiting for other to misclick them.
  9. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    The game went briefly into playable mode and now were back to freeze frame and horrendous lag, even while typing this it lags
  10. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    i have just got back on yest after 4 days of not being able to log in my 2 acc one in britain and the global pve, nearly gave up .everythings working fine but ive lost both rebate and doubler advantages andwhen i got back on there was no client daily bonus either
  11. 99-to-life

    99-to-life User

    i think if you DO workers actually listened to what people want, and made the option to pvp avialable, however it may be done, that would make all the servers greatly more active. give it some time to see what happens.. if botting gets out of control because of it like on pve, then just limit what people can kill in a given time. it seems simple right?
  12. Bot's have already been around running full 24/7 for years now, tell me how do you think putting a limit on them is gonna help anyone now?
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  13. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    the petalled quarz has gone is this for good, and i see the client download bonus calendar has also gone, is this also gone for good
  14. The PVE server could have been started a bit differently.
    Default PVE start-up, no way to accidentally go into a pvp mode.
    For pvp, there should have been a new purchasable chip, for a minimum of 2,500,000 Uridium; good for 30 uses.
    - once the pvp chip is active, then any other player who has an active pvp chip can be fought.
    - if the active pvp ship cancels the pvp mode, there is a 5 minute cool-down before any object (pvp or PVE) can be engaged.
    - in addition, if a ship that is active pvp shoots on ANY PVE object,
    - then the pvp mode is automatically cancelled;
    - but the PVE object sustains no damage.
  15. 9KKO

    9KKO User

    The player/npc ratio is a problem. For example it is near impossible to find a vacant boss kristallon.

    And turn off the god damn pvp chip. It makes no sense to have on a PvE server.
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  16. there are problems whit the user ranking system i cant see where every1 stands and the clan ranking dont work (both hall of fame is not working good)
  17. Would've loved to see 4-4 make a comeback as a pvp mayhem map in this server of pve, with no jump cpu or chip.

    There needs to be a better way to break the pvp protection, emp has uses outside pvp. There should also be a timer on when the protection comes back.
  18. No accidentally going into PVP mode please. Raise the NPC count or make it so that you can have multiple channels of the same map where if one channel is full, you can go into a different channel where there's less people.
  19. Totally don't understand why anyone that does not like the idea of a PVE server would be on it.

    Another reference to PVP on the PVE server, just wanting to go against the idea behind the server in the first place out of spite.

    The start had or rather still has issues. Of course the BOT issue for all servers applies on the PVE server as well. While lots of other cheating issues seem to be getting some kind of handle, this is the main one.

    Other than that, I find this server is exactly what it should be based on the FAQ. https://board-en.darkorbit.com/threads/new-pve-server-faq.126785/

    With this server someone that does not feel the need to "test out if you can shoot someone" is able to run around and do PVE missions with only the BOT issue holding you back. The only issue I have is remembering when I go back to playing on my normal server I could get shot at any time. Best way I have for reminding myself of where I am is to have a different ship name. Works like a charm.

    The credit issue people have will only last until you build your skylab up. They when you start transfers, you will be just fine.
  20. I applaud the idea. Honestly I mostly get on to leisurely pop npcs so I prefer the PVE server. Ive played for 15 years off and on and cant stand the wallet warrior pvp players who ruin the game for casual players more than bots ever did. That being said, have you guys actually looked inside your pve server? You cant get much done quest wise due to the swarm of bots. I see about 1 legit player per 10 bots. If your detection system is this bad, then it's time to either hang it up or have in game mods visually banning bots.
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