Radiation tolerance

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Dec 5, 2022.

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  1. Why not add radiation tolerance to all player ships for the entire map and not just the rad zones.
    Once a player enters a map they have a radiation bar at the top of screen and once it reaches zero then you start taking damage in the same way as being in the rad zone.
    This could be set to say 2 hours (or whatever) and once that time is up then you start taking damage until your ship explodes. You can still enter back into the same map but will continue taking damage until your ships radiation tolerance has reset back to full (say this takes 2 hours also)
    This will prevent botters hogging the maps all day long.
    Real players will get used to the new feature and adapt to it.
  2. I wouldnt adapt to this, I usually play way more than 2h on same map and this would make doing 100 missions so slow to do. For example one mission is 1000 battlerays in 5-3 and you could only do this for 2h and then have to wait another 2h to continue?

    Bots would be the only thing adapting to this, wouldnt be hard to make them bot 2h and then have 2h break and repeat
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  3. well then the larger the map the longer the resistance to radiation, pirate maps could be 5 hours tolerance maybe.
    or maybe even the more your ships gets destroyed then the quicker the radiation protection is depleated?
  4. Yes but it still has big negative effects to honest players, for bots this would mean they could only bot 12h a day instead of 24h but for regular players it reduces their play time to 2h in regular maps. There is already an anti bot system ''urgent mission'' which comes after being online long enough. If you dont complete it your rewards will drop drastically. Players can complete this easily but bots don't
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