[SC] bye bye deepolis,bonus elbow to dark orbit as in galactic by closing the game please

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ssentess, Jan 3, 2020.

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  1. ssentess

    ssentess User

    bonus elbow to dark orbit as in galactic by closing the game please:eek::oops:
  2. Someone needs to get a better translation program next Christmas.
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  3. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Think it has something to do with another game from Bigpoint shutting down and them giving a coupon for DarkOrbit in return or something like that.
  4. Damn I didn't know they shutdown Deepolis aswell. wow
  5. Well that makes 2 games now right?

    Sad too see, and makes me worry about DO's future...
  6. That's what I've been saying ever since BSGO shut down. Now Deepolis.

    That's why I'm just having fun while I can before Flash Player is inevitably shut down, & anyone still taking this game seriously or dumping money & countless hours is a fool who has no foresight whatsoever, & they deserve to waste their time & money on here. I know plenty of those on my server, it's quite sad.

    If Darkorbit converts to Unity, which at the moment it looks like they are not, Darkorbit has a very bright future ahead of it. If they don't convert, then I don't see DO making it passed 2020 or 2021.

    This is a good game just poor management & countless of Dev team changes, play in moderation.
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  7. They are changing to Unity, the Unity version is currently in developpement.
    Dark Orbit to Unity

    But I doubt that changing to Unity is giving the game a bright future.

    For the game to have a bright future, the game needs to be overhauled and brought into the year 2020 (graphically aswell as mechanically), because right now it seems the Game is stuck somewhere between 2008 and 2013/14.
  8. The problem is they will not have Unity ready before Flash is deprecated by all browsers, end of this year 2020. Instead, it looks like they will port a version of chromium that will still allow Flash after that point, which is a security nightmare, and only a fool will use that kind of "compromised out the box" browser to play a game.
  9. Westra

    Westra User

    Just let it shutdown.Someone will care enough to bring it back again as a community game.
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  10. wish someone said this to me about 10 days ago jesus…. I used to play a long time ago but I quit so I started again 10 days ago and got a few packs... not gonna lie game looks better from what it used to look like back when Goli was the OP ship and everyone wanted it and you could still see you're LF-3s on you're ship ahaha
  11. I 100% agree with you.

    I apologize my statement was very broad & didn't offer much clarity let me re-phrase it.

    Darkorbit, if converted to Unity can have a very bright future, however as long as Darkorbit actually improves the game & gets rid of the bugs & actually makes the game more modern. And even possibly they get rid of this whole "browser game" business motto because nobody searches for or plays browser games any more in 2020. I actually argue that browser games are so outdated & obsolete, & that browser game technology at this point is inferior to any downloadable game (Fortnite, Call of duty, etc.) because with how far computer technology has come & how common they are on even the more basic laptop & desktop purchases (Solid State Drives, 2 Terabyte Drives, graphics & RAM improvementsfor example), that it's probably faster, easier & more efficient to make your game a download one rather than on a browser.

    However with this statement in the post, well... enough said.

    "Please keep in mind, we are migrating the game to a new technology and are not developing a whole new game. This will guarantee the gameplay and graphic visuals will be the same as it is now as well as remaining a browser game. In the best case you will not really notice a change in gameplay after the migration is completed."

    But even if they do convert to Unity, that will be such a long time from when Flash Player get's shut down that it won't even matter, because their "short term" solution of their own browser with a flash player installed is a security nightmare & nobody will play darkorbit with that lol. What makes that worse is the game won't change a single bit when that process is eventually finished.

    I know plenty of flash player games that have already converted to Unity, & with full Development teams it took them well into a whole year mark, & in some game's cases even more than a year, to port their games into Unity. If I'm not mistaken, with the departure of OP32, Darkorbit currently has 3 developers(which none of them have ever played Darkorbit), so that's just some perspective on how underhanded Darkorbit is & how long this Unity update will most likely take.

    Darkorbit can have a bright future, only if they want it. But with the amount of people quitting & Devs leaving the team, the game not getting better & actually getting worse with bugs, I don't see that happening by December 2020.
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  12. OP32 is gone? When did that happen?
  13. This happened recently, I believe he relocated to another part of Bigpoint.
  14. I didn't even know that the "team" behind DO is this small. :eek::eek:
    I thought they had an actual team behind this game... I mean this is (or more so was) their flagship game, how can they only have 3 people work on it. :eek::confused::eek:

    What i doubt is, that those people never played the game. I cannot imaging that the game devs would not at least once or twice play the game to test if everything is working fine when they release new stuff.
    (But then again every event they launch is plaqued with bugs soooo... Yeah, while I doubt they haven't played DO at all sometimes it does seem like the devs really never play the game/the updates to check for errors...)

    DO cannot be maintained by a "team" of only 3 people, that's ridiculous.

    And since BP has been sold to a a chinese company, I doubt they themself still have much of a saying in what they are allowed to do and what not, that might explain the "not doing anything" in regards to a couple of things that have happened over the last couple years with DO and possibly all their games...

    Or he has been "let go", I mean over the last 3 years BP lost half their staff (from 500 in 2017 down to 230 in 2020) so It would not suprise me if he is was one of the unkucky ones...

  15. Idk if it's true or not that there are only 3 people on the Dev team (which would explain a lot if there were only 3 ppl) but I do know 100% certain is that most of the Devs working or that used to work for Darkorbit did in fact not once play Darkorbit before they were Devs.

    Maybe there is 3 on the DO team but multiple Bigpoint teams working on Darkorbit, idk but I have to ask again.
  16. So on discord, there's no way to check developers. Interesting, they only have mods and admins of I assume the forum board lol
  17. This is what you find on the DO main page:

    According to this the team behind DO is decently big (still not big enough imo, but way better than 3 ppl).

    But I have no clue if this is up to date or if this is a list from months or even years ago, so I can't say for sure if these people are still working on the game or not...
  18. I just looked up Producer Shawn Lord's Twitter & it says on his bio "Formerly Bigpoint."

    Shawn Lord

    I Looked up Project Manager Tim Denke on Linkedin & from what I see, he left Bigpoint in January 2018 & works for Amazon.

    So yes, if you cared to look up most of these ppl, you will find that this is most likely outdated to some extent. Some of them left some of them relocated to another part of Bigpoint.

    Like I said, Darkorbit dev team is most likely 3 people, but it probably has integrated Bigpoint devs that work on it too.
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  19. I still never understood why anybody still played Deepolis, there was literally nobody in that game lol.

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