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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by The Red Baron, Feb 8, 2024.

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  1. Hi, wondering if anyone else is having issues with the season pass?
    I paid for gold but daily missions give no gold also if I reroll a mission
    it just vanishes.
    Also all daily missions are making me complete all the objectives and it doesn't say anything just gives the 3 options.
    I am wondering to see if it's just me or others!!!
    Thanks for input.
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  2. Same for me only got 2 daily missions when i rerolled one it vanished so only one daily today.
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  3. My husband and I are also having the same issue on both of our accounts. For us, it started yesterday. Thought maybe the daily server reset might fix it but it didn't. Contacted support and waiting on a response.
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  4. Please remove the missions about using battle pass keys and GGEU since they can't be done or no one uses them. Also about rerolling missions keep it as it used to be with fixed price as now it is very annoying as the price goes up.
  5. I paid for season pass and today only 2 missions show up. 1 Being use Excursion unit and the other battle pass key.
    I rerolled the excursion key and poof.
  6. today one and only season daily mission, use 2 ggeu unit, no i wont, and reroll does not take any action.. gg spin does not work for me at 14:41 local time in Fin, it just keep loading like grazy spinner. Now its time to put things order DO? Is there anyone? Hello!
    And when I did the cleanings as instructed,
    there wasn't a single thing to do after that :D
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  7. No today I have just 1 daily mission and SHOCKER its use excursion units.
  8. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Same on us server season pass is one mission and the same one from yesterday. use the dumb nova thing. it's totally worthless and not worth doing. but besides that, the season pass is down and not working.
  9. **silver**

    **silver** User

    mo wonder....DO shoot us again ^^ money for nothing ;)

    last time i buy season pass ^^
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  10. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Season pass is not working I have had only one mission for 3 days now. one that shouldn't even be part of the pass. Nova missions.
  11. My son's account shows 5 missions as he didnt pay for season pass. Looks like the folks that paid got scammed again

    Not one response on this but they lit up a post about the cloaked gatherers and the one about gate spins.
  12. Is this season pass issue infecting Kronos day also, wasn't there supposed to get 2 kronos parts yesterday? I made by my hairy hands,( not via dispatch) epsilon gate and, i get 1 kronos part, or what i dont understand? Correct if im total confused.
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  13. no there was no double kronos day only double gate rewards cause of event. Cheers
  14. **silver**

    **silver** User

    well....i have bought season pass since born.....from now,i will buy not season pass...i buy only things that works,not fake ^^ this game don't fix all the problems and continue put a lot of new,i play only for my fun not for increase the purse of china connection.....
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  15. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Today on the season pass issue, i got no dailys and all new weekly mission. ya gotta wonder how they can sell something that doesn't work right. evryone should be reimburst for the seanson pass.
  16. Agreed!
  17. Day 4 of no missions under Daily. I just have 'use galaxy gate excursions' so I can lose out on my rewards since I actually fly my gates. As others can do gates without wasting their day it would be nice for DO to remove the penalty to us that play using a mouse and keyboard.
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  18. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello there,

    The issue with the season pass rolls has been reported, if you would like, please add your User ID here so it can be added to the bug ticket
  19. 35038685
    Only showing excursion units. Ill check in the morning.
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