Server problem?

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  1. Darkorbit is very laggy at the moment, I have problems joining now. My friends also have issues playing.
  2. The game is broken nothing is working right now even the immortal event has stopped.
  3. mxmumefort

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    no the game isnt fully broken... taking our money works just fine and banning in chat works GREAT
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  4. I saw that. but assembly broken and switching drone formation still broken.
  5. SirThrills

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  6. It worked fine until now actually, so, would you mind look into why we can't get a server response?
    Also, the action tab is completely bugged, everything is frozen. I have to empty cache or go through a portal to get it fixed. Not playable.

    I guess we can have this thread open for quite a while..
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  7. LOL just logged in for some Sunday double gg and assembly window is blank contacts are blank also event window has some other language and isn't working already cleared my cache, Such a broken client maybe one day someone will work on it and not just payments!!!
    Immortal union says null has stopped spawning whatever that is as the event npc's are on the map.
    About 12 min since my last post 3rd time entered a different map and can't change formations.
    Now 10 minutes later multiple portal jumps the windows are working again :)
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