Servers that were merged together (list/image)

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  1. [​IMG]

    • Only can see a merged server (in server list) if you had an account on it.

    • Example: GA5 was merged into GA1, if wanted to play with someone who is on "GA5" - you would join GA1/Global America 1. (and is only one can see if didn't already have an account on the merged server GA5)

    • Another example: Servers haven't been renamed etc(so far still), for example X server may of been merged with Y server - but you still select "X" server to access your "X" account (on the merged server).

    • Servers were merged mostly during 2018, merging of inactive accounts took place near end of 2018 and a little into 2019.

    One of the main announcement threads that was used during merges:

    I've edited it(image) to be more thorough, but guess still leave "full server names/short names" in plain text here:
    Global Europe 1 int1 (GE-#)
    Global Europe 2 int5
    Global Europe 3 int7
    Global Europe 4 int10
    Global Europe 5 int11
    Global Europe 6 int13
    Global Europe 7 int14

    Global America 1 int2 (GA-#)
    Global America 2 int6
    Global America 3 int12
    Global America 4 int8
    Global America 5 int15

    Scandinavia 1 int3 (SK-#)
    Scandinavia 2 int4

    Germany 1 DE1
    Germany 2 DE2
    Germany 3 DE3
    Germany 4 DE4
    Germany 5 DE5
    Germany 6 DE6
    Germany 7 DE7

    USA (East) 1 US1
    USA (West) 1 US2
    USA (East) 2 US3
    USA (East) 3 US4

    Great Britain 1 GB1
    Great Britain 2 GB2

    France 1 FR1
    France 2 FR2
    France 3 FR3
    France 4 FR4

    Spain 1 ES1
    Spain 2 ES2
    Spain 3 ES3
    Spain 4 ES4

    Mexico 1 MX1

    Italy 1 IT1
    Italy 2 IT2
    Italy 3 IT3

    Poland 1 PL1
    Poland 2 PL2
    Poland 3 PL3

    Czech Republic 1 CZ1
    Czech Republic 2 CZ2
    Czech Republic 3 CZ3

    Russia 1 RU1
    Russia 2 RU2
    Russia 3 RU3
    Russia 4 RU4
    Russia 5 RU5
    Russia 6 RU6

    Turkey 1 TR1
    Turkey 2 TR2
    Turkey 3 TR3
    Turkey 4 TR4
    Turkey 5 TR5
    Turkey 6 TR6

    Brazil 1 BR1
    Brazil 2 BR2

    Hungary 1 HU1

    Original image is from the Russian forum, posted by the Russian mods(image here was edited slightly by me to be more thorough):

    Don't see something like this on the forum still, so thought to just put this here. Don't think there's any inaccuracy on it, but just say if there is.
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  2. Information well displayed and explained but unfortunately very outdated.
    The Russian post you examined was 2018 server merge forecast information but not the way the final server merge landed.
    It was a confusing time for many of us and incorrect information came from many directions on many occasions.
    The current server breakdown can be examined through the server icon beside the home icon at the top left of the back page just under your user ID.
    Fly safe.
  3. I do not personally see that, you will need to go further into that or give a screenshot. Meaning I don't see the the server list explain anything(globe icon), about what servers were merged together.

    "The Russian post you examined was 2018 server merge forecast information but not the way the final server merge landed."

    That post was posted less than a month before merges finished(excluding inactive account merges), I've just rechecked with servers I have on server select - which were just as it says. By looking at top user list.

    If you'd like to say it's incorrect please say or give (/show) examples, of which servers weren't merged together as it says.
    (although if server list shows this info, then guess that should answer it)
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  4. My poor misinformed friend...

    Your "back page" is called by some your main page and home page by others. It has icon links to your hanger, clan, vouchers, skylab, pilot sheet, uridium, galaxy gates, shop and auction pages. If you look at the top left corner you will see two little shaped like a little house and the one beside it is a little on the little globe icon and you will see a list appear which highlights the "current" running server list.

    I currently fly out of a server identified as "USA (East Coast)" and there is also another server called "USA (West Coast) and neither of these appear on the server merge chart you have promoted......Also you don't include' "Great Britain" or "Great Britain 2".
    In addition your proposed "finalized server merge sites" are 19 in number when there are currently 23 DO servers running.
    "Your proposed list of server merges simply do not match the list of actual servers in current service."

    It was you who asked in your initial thread and I quote, "Don't think there's any inaccuracy on it, but just say if there is."
    So I did... Sorry if you couldn't understand my initial friendly clarification.

    If this second explanation I offer above does not illustrate the validity of my initial comment please feel free to challenge me again. I'm always glad to help those unfortunate few who are in need of guidance to understand the world which in right in front of their eyes.

    I look forward to your response.
  5. "In case confused by server names, heres "full server names/short names":"

    As can see in that spoiler "GB-#"/"US-#" is Great Britain and USA servers. That was actually something thought to get around to doing sooner or later, as in just make own image. (that makes it more clear what servers are)*

    As also explained in "explanation/trivia" bit, if you had an account on a merged server - you still see it**. It's only if you didn't, that it wont show on your server list.

    Hence why you see both USA (East Coast) and USA (West Coast)(US-2). Can easily verify this by making a new account, and look at what servers appear in the server list.

    *Never mind guess went with lazy way of just editing current image.
    **Since that's how you access that account.

    If you had an account on a server before it was merged, that "server" still shows on the server list(since again, that's how you access that account). Servers haven't been renamed.

    For example on my account I see 40 "servers", even though a lot of them were merged.


    Wasn't this account I did recheck on this before, but did a check again on a lot of these servers - again is just how image shows it(I check by looking at top user list).
    (Of course I don't play on all of those, I've just clicked on lot of those servers some time ago in past lol)
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  6. Although your server list shows something which mine doesn't (which I cannot explain) I trust the list I have on my connection is valid, current and an honest reflection of the finalized merged server list. I can lend some credibility to my claim by stating I know for a fact there are currently 2 US servers named East and West respectively after the merge.
    Your proffered list from the Russian Forum in 2018 does not include these therefore you can explain your way around it any way you wish but it will still end up being incorrect.
    It is quite possible you will never be able to produce an accurate list with the tools you have at your disposal and why I am suggesting this is because the server list on your connection which you have posted is clearly outdated as well resembling the server list prior to the merges....perplexing to say the least.
    Good luck in your quest to provide an accurate merge listing
    • If you had an account on a server before it was merged, that "server" still shows on the server list(since again, that's how you access that account). Servers haven't been renamed.

    If you didn't have an account on USA (East Coast), you wouldn't of saw it on your server list anymore after merges.

    Before continuing to claim this merge list or my "explanations" is incorrect, please do the following to verify for yourself:

    • Look at your USA (East Coast) "server"s top user list on backpage, then look at USA (West Coast) - are the same players on the top user list? (Answer is yes, since those servers were "merged")

    • If doubt the merge listings accuracy totally*/what I've been saying, make a new account and see what servers you see - on the server list.

    • Just trying to claim it's "incorrect" without doing steps to verify that yourself, is not helpful.

    The Server list I showed on that gif is not "outdated", that's just how it looks - if you had an account on all of those servers. This is explained in "explanation/trivia" bit on the original post(just below the merge list image).

    *Again, I have checked a lot of those servers myself to verify - I wouldn't of posted it if I didn't think it was accurate. I just made sure to invite people to point out if there is any inaccuracy, so that it could be corrected.
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  7. Wingm8

    Wingm8 Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello there,

    It looks fairly accurate to me having glanced over the merge list. In our system we do refer to the servers in a numerical / name order though, so the final server for the German servers would be DE-1 and DE-2 rather than DE-2 and DE-4. This is the same for them all more or less.

    I'm not entirely sure if this is purely a system-side thing though.

    Technically, we do also have a GA3 which is Brazil 1, 2 and Mexico 1.*

    Nice job nevertheless ;)

  8. Hi @Wingm8, at least looking at what server list appears like on a new account - it appears that is a system-side thing:


    If "GA3" are referring to is also what you see on system-side, it appears that is also only a system-side thing. At least looking at the GA3 that is on my server select.

    I check by just looking at the top user list, which GA3 has different players on it - than is on BR/MX servers. (instead is same as GA2's top user list)

    Now and then still see people confused about what server are "on" or which to join to be on same as someone else. So thought better late than ever to have something like this, at least on the forum lol. (ideally servers would of just been renamed etc(or info on server select), but it still hasn't happened yet)
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  9. And they all happily existed in an upside down world.
  10. GA2 and GA3 are on the same 'server' now. I have a ship on both.