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    Below is a list of ships and the designs which will work with those specific ships.
    These designs are/were available only through special activities / events.
    To change Ship designs go to the hangar page;
    Changing Designs.gif

    Designs Available
    Bigboy Bigboy.pngMamba Mamba.png
    Defcom Defcom.pngExpo Event 2016Expo 16 Expo 16 defcom.png
    Nostromo Nostromo.pngRazer Ever 2014Razer Nostromo Razer.png
    Yamato Yamato.pngExpo Event 2016Expo 16 Expo 16 yamoto.png
    Aegis Elite A Elite.pngWinterEvent 2015Frostbite Frostbite.png
    Nano Event 2016Lava LAVA.png
    Nano Event 2016Poison Poison.png
    UBA RewardSandstorm Sandstorm.png
    Hitac 2016 Legend Legend.png
    Hitac 2016 Ocean Ocean.png
    Hitac 2016 Blaze Blaze.png
    Citadel Elite C Elite.pngWinterEvent 2015Glacier Glacier.png
    Diminisher Diminisher.pngExpo Event 2016Expo 16 Expo 16 Diminisher.png
    Lava Diminsiher.gif
    Argon Diminisher.gif
    Legend Diminisher.gif
    Sentinel Sentinel.pngWinterEvent 2015
    WinterEvent 2016​
    Frozen Sentinel /
    Arctic Sentinel​
    Artic Sentinel 1.png
    Expo Event 2016Expo 16 Expo 16 Sentinel.png
    Legend sentinel-legend.gif
    Lava sentinel-lava-.gif
    Argon sentinel-argon-.gif
    Solace Solace.pngObsidian booty Blaze Blaze Solace.png
    Obsidian bootyArgon Argon.png
    Obsidian bootyBorealis BorealisSolace.png
    Obsidian bootyPoison PoisonSolace.png
    Spectrum Spectrum.png
    WinterEvent 2016​
    Frozen Spectrum /
    Arctic Spectrum​
    Aetic spectrum 1.png
    Nano Event 2016Lava Lava.png
    Nano Event 2016Poison Poison.png
    UBA RewardSandstorm Sandstorm.png
    Venom VENOM.pngWinterEvent 2015
    WinterEvent 2016​
    Frozen Venom /
    Arctic Venom​
    Artic Venom.png
    Obsidian booty Blaze Blaze Venom.png
    Obsidian bootyArgon ArgonVenom.png
    Obsidian bootyBorealis Borealis Venom.png
    Obsidian bootyPoison PoisonVenom.png
    Spearhead Elite S Elite.pngWinterEvent 2015
    WinterEvent 2016​
    Arctic Spearhead​
    Vengeance Lightening V lightening.pngWinterEvent 2015
    WinterEvent 2016​
    Frozen Lightening/
    Artic Lightening 1.png
    Expo Event 2016Expo 16 Expo 16 lightening.png
    Pusat Pusat.pngWinterEvent 2015
    WinterEvent 2016​
    Frozen Pusat/
    Arctic Pusat​
    Artic Pusat 1.png
    Expo Event 2016Expo 16 Expo 16 pusat.png
    Nano Event 2016 Lava LAVA.png
    Nano Event 2016 Poison Poison.png
    Nano Event 2016 Sandstorm Sandstorm.png
    Saimon rebellion 2016Legend legendary.png
    Saimon rebellion 2016Blaze Ocean.png
    Saimon rebellion 2016 Ocean Blaze.png
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    ASTRAEA User


    Goliath Goliath.pngAmber Amber.png
    Crimson Crimson.png
    Jade Jade.png
    Sapphire Sapphire.png
    Winter Event 2015Absolute Zero Absolute Zero.png
    Iron Iron.png
    UBA RewardBronze bronze.png
    UBA RewardSilver SILVER.png
    UBA RewardGold gold.png
    Razor Event 2014Razer Razer Goliath.png
    Nostromo Ambassador N Ambassador.pngWinter Event 2015Arctic Ambassador Artic Ambassodor 1.png
    Tartarus Tartarus.pngWinter Event 2016Sandstorm gold.png
    Winter Event 2016Ocean ocean 1.png
    Winter Event 2016Borealis teal.png
    Promethues Day Lava Lava 1.png
    Promethues Day Poison Poison 1.png
    Promethues Day Argon Argon 1.png
    Promethues Day legend Legend 1.png
    Goliath X Goliath X.pngWinter Event 2016Sandstorm Sandstorm.png
    Winter Event 2016Ocean Ocean.png
    Winter Event 2016Borealis Borealis.png
    Surgeon Surgeon.pngWinter Event 2016Cicada Cicada Surgeon.png
    Obsidian bootyLocust LOCUST.png
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    Cyborg, Lava/Infinite/Scourge/Argon/Firestar/Harbringer/Seraph/Dusklight/Sundstorm/Celestial/Maelstorm/Starscream/Nobilis/Ullrin/Tyrannos-
    cyborg.gif InfiniteCyborg.gif Scourge Cyborg.gif Cyborg.gif FirestarCyborg.gif HarbringerCyborg.gif SeraphCyborg.gif DusklightCyborg.gif SundstormCyborg.gif CelestialCyborg.gif MaelstormCyborg.gif FirestarCyborg.gif StarscreamCyborg.gif NobilisCyborg.gif Ullrin Cyborg.gif cyborg-tyrannos.png

    Hammerclaw, LavaBane//Argon/Nobilis/Ullrin/Tyrannos-
    hammerclaw.gif Bane Hammerclaw.gif LAVAhammerclaw.gif Nobilis Hammerclaw.gif Ullrin Hammerclaw.gif hammerclaw-tyrannos.png

    Mimesis, Lava/Argon/Nobilis(to be posted)/Tyrannos-
    mimesis.gif LavaMimesis.gif Nobilis Memises.gif mimesis-tyrannos.png

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    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hecate.gif Ullrin Hecate.gif hecate-tyrannos.png

    Centurion- Tyrannos

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