Ship Plus Update - Pusat FAQ

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    General information

    Collect Diametrions from Galaxy Gates and Dispatch, and upgrade your Pusat ship to its stronger Plus variant. The ship comes with the Speed Sap and Stim Barrier ability. Arrive, dominate, and leave victorious in the blink of an eye.

    You’ll find the brand-new recipe in the Assembly to upgrade your ship. Among other resources, each recipe needs your existing ship to build the brand-new Plus variant of it. This means, your existing ship will be expanded and you cannot use the old ship anymore!
    Please note: The ship designs for the old ship cannot apply to the new Plus variant of the ship!

    Pusat Plus
    Ship information
    • HP: 325,000
    • Nanohull: 325,000
    • Speed: 400
    • Laser Slots: 18
    • Generator Slots: 16
    • Special Slots: 4
    • Rocket Launchers: 1
    • Ship Modules Slots: 4
    • Cargo Space: 1,500

    Skill: Speed Sap
    Blink and you'll miss the Pusat Plus. Faster and stronger than its predecessor and now armed with the Speed Sap ability, strike harder and faster than ever before.
    • Reduce the targeted ship's speed by 10% while increasing your own speed by 10%.
    • Speed Sap is an active skill
    • Cooldown: 60s
    • The Speed Sap skill is interrupted by JAMX effect.

    Skill: Stim Barrier
    • 5% chance to absorb 10% of damage taken to recover HP.
    • Stim Barrier is a passive skill
    • The ship takes damage first before healing itself, e.g. there is 1000 incoming damage. The ship takes 900 damage first, then heal 100 HP.
    • The damage that is absorbed will be calculated after the ship’s shield absorbs any damage, e.g. there is 1000 incoming damage, the shield absorbs 200 damage and the skill effects the remaining 800 damage.

    New recipe: Pusat Plus
    ShipPusat Plus11,000,000 Uridium
    500 IAC
    3,000 Diametrion
    1x Pusat Ship
    Once12 hours

    Ship Upgrade Modules: Pusat Plus
    The modules that can be used on the Pusat Plus ship:
    • DMG-VP01
    • HP-VP01
    • SPC-VP01
    Important: The unstable ship upgrade modules that you already own cannot be equipped on the new Ship Plus. You need to craft new unstable ship upgrade modules if you want to use them on the new Ship Plus variant. This means that if you already crafted unstable ship upgrade modules e.g. for Pusat, they cannot be used for Pusat Plus!
    You need to craft a new one and roll an unstable module that can be equipped onto Pusat Plus.

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