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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Jun 15, 2018.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Space Cup is out, please leave your feedback and remember to follow the forums rules. MCC spam will be deleted. We know it can be difficult, but keep it nice.
  2. trash event.

    one clan dominates the event and 39392932202 spearheads of enemy clan who didnt even shot the spaceball steal the boxes.

    Edit: they are even to stupid to spawn the boxes meaningful
    they are all spawning on the left/up side of the mmo gate
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  3. Rossi

    Rossi User

    horrible event! you have been promoting this event for so long, and how awesome it would be but it's horrible! What you actually changed form the last one?
    You added designs for Cyborg
    Give everyone boosters on 4-4 which changes nothing (because everyone have them)
    You added few special boxes, which are impossible to get in big servers, because of the hunderds of cloacked ships + players w/ autoclick
    Special missions which is crazy and good only for boters 2,14 billion of dmg?! SRSLY? You need 1mil ×4 to finish that!!! So basicly 7 hours of constant shooting with ×4.

    The only positive thing about it, is that most of the active players leave normal maps and n00bs can calmly kill NPC's. even though boters are still on x-7 and other maps...

    At least put anticloack on that ball, let those boxes show only for those, who shoot the ball and only for the winning team (company). Otherwise 3 players shoot the ball and rest of them sit around the gate and waiting.

    I would seriously love to see anyone who thought of this event to play on GE1 and try to get that "super awesome box"... I spoke with tens of players and everybody is fed up because of that, I can tell you that.
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  4. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    In the blurb it mentions the new Cyborg skins have 2 effects - Winners & Rampage - What it doesn't mention is, what these effects actually do?
    Is it a case of buy it to find out?
    How much more of a disadvantage are those who don't own the most OP ship in the game going to be put at due to these unknown effects?

    Rossi said the rest above.
    This is a typical DO event - Little thought or planning and certainly no balance

    Seriously, what is the point of giving EVERYONE the exact same bonuses - They may as well not exist as they are completely negated simply because EVERYONE has them.

    Not sure who comes up with event ideas at DO headquarters but I think it's time they were replaced, possibly with someone who has experience in creating interesting balanced event game play.
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  5. Instead of flaming only I would like to actually point out a few helpful suggestions:

    1. Please unable cloaking and especially the Spearhead skill on outter gates at 4-4

    Since every spaceball this "laming", catching the boxes without fighting/ actually playing the event is destroying it. Especially on full servers like ge1 it makes it impossible for actual players taking the risk at the game to pick anything up. Hunting down these players is also poorly balanced. The Venus Gate e.g. is very close to the radiation zone where all players abusing with spearheads simply fly away after picking up the boxes. The MMO gate on the other side is far away from the radiation zone, which makes it harder for them to do it there. I would actually appreciate if you test things like this on actual servers and take well argumeted feedback serious.
    • If you want to safe the event, please #fix asap.

    2. The mission tree seems to be designed very poorly

    Idea is great, don't get me wrong here - but the implementation is horrible. You could e.g. go for two different (or multiple) paths where players can decide which way to go for. Some newer players are more thankful for 10LF3 than for 1LF4; for some 100.000k X3 is better than 10.000k X4. The chances (4% for big seprom amount) and reset system is completely missing its case in here - why implement a factor of fortune here? As more points you play for as further you should be able to go on such a path - not a "reset".

    3. Boosters adding up for everyone

    The Idea behind this is to have just bigger numbers? But everyone has it so whats the point?
    The "rage" based effects on the new ship designs are an Idea that go on a right direction. Create some fury ;)

    4. Create quests that are actual "fun" & allow having multiple eventquests on the same time

    Collecting the boxes (also for the reason explained in 1.) is not fun at all. Same goes for doing NPC dmg, doing more NPC dmg...; E.g. doing dmg to the spaceball would be something that makes scence on this event / Kill a player, fly to a 4-4 outter gate (repeat 3x). Let the players fight for the ball, let them fight at the ball! Quest: Do (bigger amount of dmg) to the ball. But don't forget to think for the weaker players.
    The bigger, spending 10h on 4-4 Quest, should be possible to accept additionally. Some players can make it during the event, others will fail. But if I do this one, my Quests are kinda blocked for 4 days, which is dumb because I also want to play the other (smaller) Quests, too within that time.

    5. Ammunition

    Good Idea!
    But the system with buying the ammunition in the shop is bad (ordinary player would never actually pay for this ammunition)
    Another idea: Let players pick 1 country explicitly (maybe add their homecountry as 2nd one or let them pick 2). The further they come during the worldcup the more rewards they get at the end:
    • - every goal the team strikes = 10.000 Uridium (adds up)
    • - every win = 20.000 X4 or
    • - X4 for reaching final / semifinal etc.
    Upvotes appreciated for attention
    Best regards,
  6. how to fix the stupid event:

    top 11-20 damage gets 1 box
    top 10 damage gets 2 boxes

    the gates and the ball uncloak everything in the area.
    ->so basically like hitac/demaner.

    and remove booster. they are so senseless omg
  7. batata

    batata User

    This is the perspective from a non-buyer in (former) gb2 who is not UF$:
    I like it !!!
    Getting the lf4 is easy enough, the new pvp independent way of progressing is a great plus compared with the other time. However advancing more than that (or resetting the progress) seems a bit ineffective. And there is that 2.14 billion dmg mission mlg :D
    Regarding spaceballs itself, the last and only event in DO that is worth anything (besides tot in some extent), since everyone is so worried about those fancy event box s they kinda forget the normal ones --> more for me :). The added shield bonus is very handy to deal with those boring ufes trying to sabotage the event. Its also funny to see those ufes raging so much for not being able to screw this event for non-ufes like they do in Demaner/Hitac. Apparently balance means giving the rewards to the guys that dont need them while making the gaming experience a trash to everyone else... great logic there, then you get very admired/insulted about so called cheating and such.
    Now the only problem with this (with spaceballs) is that the amount of boxes spawned is the same everywhere, thus is populated servers there are few boxs. Easy fix is just spawn them proportionally to the number of players in map.
    I like this concept of making spaceballs more rewarding. Unlike other events this one doesnt rely on equipment/$$$ and its somewhat bully-prof so that any player can participate (no need for cheats just a spear/vengi, pet with BB collector and tactics).

    Ps: The event ammo... Where is it? I didnt find it in the ammo bar o_O
  8. Emeraude-s

    Emeraude-s User

    another event we can't enjoy, gg dev team :)
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  9. DO here is an idea have 3 spaceballs all going toward each company goals. ONLY the company can pick up the boxes. If you don't shoot at the spaceball you can not see the rewards. or make sure that the cloaked ships get uncloaked. Perhaps a no attack zone around the goal. some very simple ideas . CAN DO do these items. MAKE changes to the spaceball its boring now.
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  10. For those complaining about the missions, other than the Mayhem Boxes, they are all really easy. KIll 4 Boss Sibelon and get the 3 million damage, kill 20 and get the 150 million. I completed the entire list, except the 2 today and it only took 2 hours and I am not even close to being UFE.
  11. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    I want to ask to whoever created this event: do you ever play this game?

    First of all, I play in ge1 and there are only 10 event box for like 200 players. I cannot even see them that they are already gone.
    I spent 1 hour doing this event and the only thing i've got is one normal box.

    Secondly the only quest that gives you a decent amount of event point is impossible to do even if you are UFE.
    I made my maths so I calculated that to do that part of the quest you need to shoot continuosly at NPC for 17 hours with x3 ammo.
    You will shoot 2,200,000 x3 ammo worth (with premium and rebate) around 1,500,000 uridium.
    All of this for only 20k event point

    Seriously guys it take only few calc to understand how unfair this is
  12. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    Over that you defenetly need to put anti-cloak around ball and gates, I cannot even click the space without targeting an invisible player
  13. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    This was brought up and the development team saw it to allow cloakers so more users could participate and others could have a shot at getting rewards too.
  14. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    Well if that is the way you should put more boxes, I did the event today in ge1 and i couldn't even click on the map because was full of cloaked palyers. in hours I got only 1 event box and waste tons of ammo and emp
  15. Can you hurry up and merge the servers too...Because my company hasn't got a chance at winning the ball...Most players leave company or game because of the dwindling numbers. Last but not least!, The company that has the ball stops it in motion, just before the portal so they can pop all the cloakers around the portal... It is a cool tactic, however, it slows the ball down and ruins the Event game...<<
  16. deter the use of auto loc in this event has left me no choice but not to play it. and yes they are!!! east one just log in and try it for your self
  17. Kante.

    Kante. User

    The timing suck. I don't want to play DO at 4 pm.
  18. It only requires 300k and 15M of damage.
  19. Helpmehelp are annoying.. :p
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  20. JUST ! CRAP , Milions of spearheads under the ball and you can not get a single box. I am playign 3 days in row and i got only 4/30 boxes for the mission
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