Tartarus Ship testing Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. The old goli/vengeance colors - Oh :rolleyes: yeah...camouflage in space. The TarTar should be in Co. colors period. None of this sandstorm, poison, lava and etc. colors.

    How much does 'bug free/glich/lag free' cost in uri or in shop - hehe? :p
  2. It seems like tartarus is indeed a bit broken right now: too fast ship to compete against any other ship in the whole game. It is just like old school citadel, which were able to fly with insane speed after changing slow configuration to full speed.

    I think tartarus should be slightly faster than surgeon(only when toggling speed boost on), but not faster than pusat nor lightning vengeances. If tartarus is going to be as fast as Citadel is right now (or even slower than citadel), it will be waste of uridium and not worth of buying it.

    At the moment players ship speed is the most significant stat in the whole game because the faster ship can outrun opponent with ease. If ship is slower than surgeon, then it's totally useless! If ship is faster than surgeon, then it's useful and is able to use in pretty much any situation.

    Be careful with nerfing tartarus. At the moment it's a bit too strong because of its current speed, but if the speed boost gets nerfed too hard, Tartarus ship will be a huge letdown to everybody who owns it and nobody is going to use it anymore.
  3. Best newbie protection :p

    D O should increase the damage reduction from 3% to 30%.

    They should turn it into a high DPS HST farming ship. Paying a lot of credits for the rockets, but dealing a higher damage. But the high absolute damage in a SHORT time frame must be removed, newbies life is hard enough...
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  4. I myself feel the tartarus is quite the nice ship. As for being overpowered as some might say i don't agree. Granted it can be really fast while still hitting quite hard, but if we consider it as a new "class" of ship meant to be better (in some aspects) than the (standard) the goli it makes sense. As for it being (arguably) better than the goli i got no issues with it because when everything is said and done even free players can, with a bit of effort, get it (which cannot be said for full lf4 and all that).
    I've seen some players that don't like it or some that claim its not noob friendly but in my opinion it is way more realistically for a normal free casual player to be able to get this ship and use it to escape than it would be for said person to become UFE with all lf4 and everything lvl 16.
    Overall, i love the ship and my only issue is the current bug where the boost stops working after a few minutes.
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  5. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Everyone.

    Thank you all for the feedback regarding the Tartarus Ship testing. As the testing stage was over will be Closing the thread., for further discussions there are a few threads Open at this time.

    -=Fly Safe and Take Care=-
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