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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Deter

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    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please let us know what you think of the test server event.
  2. Definitely some bugs, when I wanted to set up my ship however the game would not allow me to access the manage window in the hanger. I was greeted with an error message stating "No valid Loot-ID given!" whatever that means. Inotherwards I was not able to outfit my ship despite the generous amount of uri forwarded to establish a basic ship. For me it was an unplayable test excursion.
  3. Yes, I was given the same error message stating "No valid Loot-ID given!"
    However, I did get a successful work-a-round by using the ship warp while at the base. That got me the basic Tartarus ship, which I was able to switch to on the back page. Trying to go to the 'manage' mode and still had the above error mssg pop up.
    Tried logging out of client and backpage while the Tartarus was showing as the active ship, then logging back in, did not correct the situation.
    Other ships tried did not exhibit the same error condition.
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