Test Server: Ship upgrade module & Hitac feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Sep 4, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please provide some feedback from this test server.
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  2. When will the test server actually be up, cuz it aint rn
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  3. unknown33

    unknown33 User

    I see no test server live, why?
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  4. It seems the hp module separates the bonus from other boosters/upgrade you may have. For my pusat I simply multiplied ships base hp with 1*25 to get the additional hp that I see ingame (slight rounding difference). This bonus is not affected by hp boosters, drones etc. I feel this is not good way and the bonus gained from the modules should be affected by other boosters and upgrades you may have.
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  5. when in us server its start
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  6. Problem i have is each time i go to test server i am starting to build a ship from scratch, takes hours to just get started. Last time i went to test i started building a ship did some gates and went and played my real account.
    Now figured i would continue upgrading that ship and it looks like they want me to start again.
    Basically spent over an hour there barely get the upgrades started again buying drones again and now am already bored again, so i will go play my real account that's already upgraded and i don't have to wait for all that boring stuff again.
    Maybe next time there is a test i will look again and see if my ship is back to basics again and that will help me decide if it's worth my time.
    They give plenty of uri but no skylab upgrades so can't even really begin to get pp's. Enjoy
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  7. The server was up about 1:30am (cest?) - which was about 6 hours ahead of me... however, by 1:30 pm my time (approx. 7:30pm cest) test server was not appearing - must have been busy by then.
    In the brief time I was on it, the various modules pretty much negate each other with their respective '+' and '-' .
    So it became the same old same old; which makes this another dark orbit/big point pathetic money grab that the players still lose in.
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  8. Luna47

    Luna47 User

    What test server?? lol, you guys are total noobs...smh.
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  9. My Pusat is hitting about 276k RSB without any points in the bounty hunter II upgrade. There will be no new players able to survive a hit like that when a player uncloaks on them, let alone outrun a UFE Pusat. You developers are absolute imbeciles, you've just killed any new player base you'll ever hope to get on this game.
  10. I see they only give one for experience for the lower tier, noob, ships and it gives out when you hit level 16. That's what, one weekend of hard playing? I am already level 19 and some change. Looks like this is just something for top players to use up. Not sure why they thought this was needed.
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  11. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Yeah, Pretty sure you totally broke the Pusat.

    Over 400K with combo - Seriously?

    * It would be nice if when you have the test server open to test something (hitac), there are actually Hitacs spawning.,.

    * You might want to look at the rewards for the objectives - Right now they look a bit lean.

    Can I ask why, All ships have "upgrade" slots when only a very limited number of ships actually have upgrades?
    Or is the plan to further break things by adding them to all ships?
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  12. No upgrade Hp Citadel ?No upgrades shields ships first?No upgrades in Hecate(=Surgeon+Skill),but upgrade in surgeon?
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  13. Honestly, no, you shouldn't change the existing modules for the pusat. I'm tired of everyone only being in Cyborg and acting like its the best thing ever, not to mention the bots using them because standard golis can't catch up, even in wheel formation. We need something to fight against the botters and Pusat gives us the speed but not the HP to raid enemy maps should you open up on a real player.

    Keep the pusat stats as they are or balance it to keep it in par with Cyborg. You can't have a massively OP ship with no counter against it
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  14. Hecate-centurion-disruptor are the last gen ships, will not be reworked soon....

    for me is mehhhhhh, i wanted to try mimesis modules, but they were not available......
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  15. Change the +20% exp thing for pilots up to level 21 and it would be great. I know many people who were waiting for this +20% thing to come out before doing their missions and now when it was announced it is only for lvl 16 or lower they all lost motivation and quit lol. Your game is dying so you should not expect people to be willing to grind weeks just to get a level and arguments like "back in my day it took 3 years.." should be completely ignored. Give an easy way to the 100 missions and population just might survive a little longer.
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  16. So the players already doing their new 100 missions OH well for them hey hahahah????
    Sounds to me like they are helping lower players get better rewards from better mission faster.
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  17. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Closing this feedback thread as the test server is now closed.
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