Testserver Event; Eternal Gate Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Wingm8, Apr 1, 2020.

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  1. Wingm8

    Wingm8 Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Pilots,

    Please be so kind and post your feedback relating to the Eternal Gate event here.
    Thank you!

    Your DarkOrbit Team
  2. it doesn't drop byte remnants
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  3. z.marius^

    z.marius^ User

    The ammount of Cowering/Troublemaker Cyborg should be increased.
    The Reflector mimesis at wave 38 or 39 should be postponed untill wave 41 so that weaker players have a fair chance at the Cyborg design. On the test server I simulated what I have on my main account and I couldn't get past that part.
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  4. Rossi

    Rossi User

    AA lasers should work on all NPC's not only on the chosen ones - otherwise they are useless and it's better to use Prometheus lasers
    Byte remnants are not droping
    Couldn't find Cyborg Troublemaker anywhere. Battle maps are empty - in FAQ it says Cyborgs should be there as well
    Make the gate map smaller
    Put more anti bot precautions
    There are no more waves after 257
    Drop more EMAA-20 ammo - noobs could do this gate too, but won't have the ammo for it

    Otherwise seems pretty nice.
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  5. Around wave 146 using all AA lasers the normal npcs started to become a problem even with +80% damage in combo with the normal damage boosters and the special in gate ones (and that is before the laser damage ones)
    Byte remnants do drop but the amount is really tiny amount (3 runs in the gate failing at 2 stupid parts and just giving up) i only got 780 of that, for the first objective you need 15k of them
    The troublemaker does spawn but there like non existent (using 2-8 for reference)
    For my normal server account on ge3 i'm hitting for a little less than i do in the test server (but i got boosters there so it's probably around the same amount of damage) the EMAA-20 ammo helps a lot on the reflectors and the singularity cyborgs, the phasing one, just got to circle well away from the mines demolition cyborgs spawn
  6. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    lag was to bad game kept frizzing up. Like the gate for what I could do but it's an ammo eater so not for everyone. most will save ammo for the game other then throw it way. I did up to level 38 didnt get thing as far as rewards go. So it's a pass for me when it hits the real game. not many events worth doing in the last few years.
  7. I never had an issue with lag but performance on my normal server could be a different story. The different "boosts" we can select is an interesting set up and I know we are asked to see if some are too weak or strong but from my prospective thats not something to be answered so easliy. As some players may choose one thing more than others while the rest may end up choosing an equal amount of multiple things if given the chance . So in some way yes some boost are more powerful when combined with certain ships then other ways but a reduction on efficiency could hinder options for other players.

    At the moment I see options for ranking competition while those lacking certain gear can boost different things to strengthen their ships for higher rewards. And with the selection to boost zombies will have a harder time running this gate.
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  8. I made it to level 18 in the gate then it lag froze so I closed the game page and tried to reconnect, unfortunately now I can't reconnect...I'm done.
  9. essemm10

    essemm10 User

    hi is server not online test is loading plz restat
  10. Test server is totally messed up, can't jump through gates can't log out of game page, lag lag and more lag.
    Not meaning to be too critical but ya'll want to know the bugs so there it is.
  11. angeri

    angeri User

    Cant say anything positive as only things I encountered while testing was negative.

    - The server was constantly lagging
    - Portal jumps always disconnected from game, and it took at least 5 refreshes to get back in
    - Battlepass, event window and assembly stopped working after portal jumps
    - Npcs in the gate after wave 9 wouldn't move at all or deal any damage, on the meanwhile I was able to shoot the npcs no problem
    - No event npcs on x-4
    - Achievements bugging, I received wave 42 achievement at wave 6 and wave 100 at wave 15
    - Couldn't kill myself to rad zone to leave gate as my hp wouldn't go below 30k in radzone

    If you want us to test your events, I would recommend first to ensure that we have a test environment that actually works.
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  12. Smoog_

    Smoog_ User

    No lag for me, but some In Game windows don't always work (assembly, event objectives...)

    I couldn't spend much time on it and only made it to wave 41 with a barely FE cyborg with some AA lasers and a lvl 1 PET (the singularity cyborgs got me).
    From what I saw those first waves are well balanced and accessible to most players, while making it harder to get to the Asimov cyborgs waves.

    There were almost no AI cyborgs on x-4. Maybe this was done on purpose, but I hope there are more of them on higher maps to get keys.
  13. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I run into the problem of randomly freezing and losing connection relatively often - no fault of the server. It happens anywhere.
    I lost connection after the end of a wave - where the ports spawned to carry on or get out. I reconnected and the gate kept spawning NPCs. These NPCs did not move, but they fired and gave rewards. Not sure what caused the gates to disappear and respawn the beginning of the wave I just beat.
    I'm not sure why we keep introducing more and more and more special ammo and weaponry that only works extra on specific NPCs. I feel like this is a major cash grab that strongly hinders the regular player. I think we should introduce modules that alter specific weapons.
    For example -
    Spectral Laser III dealing 185 to any NPC can be changed to 250 to "Specified NPC"
    ------------and the 500 to NPCs when equipped on the pet
    I'm already putting all of my effort into Prom lasers and B03s. I don't have time to make anything else.
  14. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    When event start?
    Me need x4
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