[TI] IDB-125 ammo does not work

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ], Jul 10, 2022.

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  1. It seems that the IDB-125 ammo is not working at all, it's damage should rise from 1x to 6x over time but when I was testing this it only deals 1x damage.
    Edit: or is this only for PvP and doesn't work in PvE?
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  2. only in PVP
  3. Ok thanks for confirmation, pretty useless ammo in that case. Is this intentional?
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  4. I haven't used the Ammo, but is it a full auto like x4 or is it a burst like RSB? Cause if in a group it could do well I'd presume as you get the time to stack it and then run with it.
  5. It is full auto like regular ammo, in NPC it acts like x1 all the time. At least to me it seems pretty useless in PvP except maybe against Citadel plus ships. Was planning on using this on LoW to conserve Football ammo with Falcon but it didn't work.

    PvP has become so fast paced this laser's multipliers are too slow, 0,25x more every shot until x6 so it would be better to use x4
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