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    ODAKAB User

    This list is made to help developers about tracking game issues. Won't include bugs or exploits which could be taken advantage of. Issues are categorized depending on their urgency.

    SEVERE (Problems that heavily impact an event or gameplay)

    1. Developers accidentally added ship 529 along with 527 (Solace+) and 528 (Solaris+) to ship upgrade modules, ship 529 currently doesn't exist on live servers and belongs to a Red Citadel Design. Players who manage to obtain a ship upgrade module applicable for 529 are unable to load Restabilize GUI until they sell all of these applicable modules for 529. [NEW]

    CRITICAL (Somewhat ignorable problems)

    1. Ingame captcha system can trigger even if you aren't killing npcs or collecting boxes. (Also if developers didn't notice it yet, it doesn't prevent what it is meant to prevent. Captchas in general aren't a solution, there are bunch of AIs or human-powered services that solve captchas for you. Captchas won't help anything but will decrease gameplay quality.) [NEED RESPONSE]

    2. Server doesn't let you use repbot when your maximum health increases when you change drone formation if you had full health and no auto-repbot cpu. [WILL BE REPORTED BY STAFF?]

    3. Gauntlet of Plutus gate has limited amount of instances, but completion time still ticks while you are not in gate even if you are kicked out because of instance limit.
    Solution: It shouldn't kick you if you are jumping from stage to stage, or time shouldn't tick outside (however it can change gameplay strategy into waiting for technology cooldowns each stage) [NEED RESPONSE]


    1. Shake effect from Berserk skill causes ship texture to move towards bottom-right while staying still on 2D [REPORTED BY STAFF]

    LONGEVITY (Issues with game design impossible to solve without a new account)

    1. Reset cost for Skill Tree exponentially increases but never stops on a tolerable point or never reduces by time.

    2. Selling items that can be crafted only once like HP-Link Gear is possible, and game still won't let you craft it again after you lose it.
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  2. I recommend reading the description of the event!
    this is done initially and there are no errors here
    implemented exactly as it should be
    there are no errors
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    ODAKAB User

    I recommend playing the game on an active server!
    Or asking what it is before denying an issue you never encountered.
    I can't see anything about an intended feature that kicks you out to prevent bottleneck on FAQ, and it kicks you to "x-1" no matter what.

    I never said reset cost growth is a bug or unintentional, it's just a game design issue i suggest a rework for.
  4. Not trying to act like a mod, but that could've been saved for the updates & ideas pool. If it's a thing you'd like to change, post it there, and people may give their own thoughts about it. If the devs refuse it, then you might aswell consider it a not very nice move from them, from your point of view.

    Maybe they can set it to a fixed price, like in Seafight, but that's a thing you'd have to recommend in greater detail in its' respective category.
  5. I not understandy nothinky
  6. time in this event goes even if you are not in the port
    it was and it won't change
    and if you want to change the situation when there are too many players in the galaxy, then first read the user agreement, which says about such situations

    if you just want a freebie, call it that)
    the increase in cost is introduced so that players do not abuse this feature
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  7. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello @ODAKAB ,

    I apologize for the delay in a response,

    I would recommend that you open a thread in the Update and Idea Pool for the majority of these, as most are not issues but game design.

    Regarding the following, could you expand on this:
    Regarding the cosmetic issue with Berserk, I will report that up to the appropriate team

    ODAKAB User

    Example reproduction steps:
    1. Unequip if you have auto-repbot cpu
    2. Fully repair on default drone formation
    3. Switch to heart drone formation
    4. See how it doesn't let you repair further after hp limit increased
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