[UI] Preventing bot players farming.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by [-ShadowWolf-], Jan 1, 2020.

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  1. Hello all,
    Old time u collected 10-20 bonus box need make "im not robot" so u need write word, but this not good (because word about 4-8 charachter), but possible soultion if support make "Quick press character"

    -Quick press character = u collected about 40-50 bonus box or palladium. System write one letter example "s", anybody at manual farm easy press "s" but if anybody use bot program they can't press "s", if anybody collect more and again not press (about 100-200 collected) get kick and need relog(bot can't relog).

    -why is this good for normal players?
    -I manual collected palladium but because off botplayers, the gathering goes slowly (i always see about 5-3 minimum 20 botplayers...)

    I've already sent this idea for support. They told me that, go and write on forum if people like this post, they make my idea.

    So please reply if you like this.
  2. I like it
    All botters MUST be banned
  3. I am not sure if its true
    I am looking at the ranking almost every day
    In my server the number one in ranking was banned and disappeared before a 1-2 months.
    Also I see in ranking system it was 2 900 000 points for the next rank
    Now this is 2 500 000 points => some players have been banned and now they are not part of the game.
    In my experience I dont see some of the botters who were farming cubikons. Pvp maps are not so populated like before.
    The things are going in right direction but the proces is slow :)
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  4. It would be nice if the support give to the normal playes some tools to report the botters too.
    And for example when I report that somebody is using a bot, the support should make an immediate check-up to this person. After they check him and they see he is a botter he should be banned :)
    It will not be so hard to do this because the IMPORTANT botters are not so much. I mean this players who are very strong and have some influence in the game. They are the main botters who have to be banned because they ruin the game of normal players and they are in the top ranking system
  5. magisorcer

    magisorcer User

    This method has been tried before and it did not work out as planned. The bot developers would get around it.
  6. Interesting idea to make capcha system less of a hassle for legit players. Even a 2 character method wouldn't be bad. With variations like DO , BP , LK , BK ,BL.

    And I doubt we would get any tools to aid in the removal of bots. As admins can even report botters lol.
  7. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I think you would be surprised by how advanced bots are these days. I mean just look at the maps to see bots automatically switch formations, configs or activate abilities and what not. And then I am not even mentioning the automatic fleeing response once an enemy gets within radar range, the bot sustains damage or has low HP.
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  8. Chr3noven

    Chr3noven User

    Honestly the solution is simple. Bigpoint hires moderators for chat right? Why not hire 1 or 2 moderators for patrol on the maps. Their job would be to find individuals that look as though they are using a bot program. Of course there should be a few things they would have to check off when seeing someone bot to ensure it is a bot. Things like, are they flying the usual formation, do they immediately return to port when shot, do they fire back, how often are they on this map doing this. If the individual meets the criteria over a set amount of days, lets say 5, then the ship should be suspended for 1 month for botting. If it happens again 2 months. And for the third time, permanent suspension. The patrol should also always attempt to communicate via chat as well. As bots don't talk, if someone does respond it's not a bot.
  9. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello [-ShadowWolf-],
    First. We do not know from which language team you got this from, but that is not how it works for this situation. Bots and any third-party script will be detected by the scripts run by support, a process which is fair for everybody. From there any users who were detected shall receive the appropriate punishment.

    Secondly, We Moderators/Admins are not hired employees, we volunteer our time to assist the players in forums and within chat, the in-game element is left to Support and the Developers.

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