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    Many of our players have a keen interest in trying to find out information about new releases or potential updates before they are officially implemented into the game. Much of this information is obtained from the test servers, or from social media such as Facebook, etc. After numerous back and forth conversations with Support, we have received permission to open a thread on this topic.

    NOTE: Content and comments only please.
    Reference code will be permitted for now, unless we are informed otherwise.

    Any information posted regarding how to obtain or source information of this type will be immediately deleted, and the user will be penalised accordingly (we all know that some of you are talented at this sort of thing - you can educate others elsewhere...)
    Moderators may also be required to remove material posted at the request of Support.

    Any and all content posted in this thread is NOT an official release. Information may be inaccurate, changed, or deleted, as development progresses.

    For all details and information on actual updates being implemented into the game, please refer to the Official Announcements.

    Enjoy the game!

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    Welcome to the update thread, I'm your host "that update guy".

    Updates that have gone live!

    Invite nostromo designs

    Springfight 2014 - The battle for Influence

    Razer event

    Ready to Fight deal

    Summer event 2014 - Domination

    Turkish Goliath

    Turkish Goliath re-make

    Training Grounds / Arena (1v1 system)

    Demaner Hunt 2014

    Cold Wave (winter event) 2014
    New Drone Formations

    Training Arena Season (TAS)

    Updates not out yet!
    Group Finder

    Arena Tournament (more than just 1v1s)

    DarkOrbit Standalone - Downloadable client

    PET Galaxy Gate + Event

    If you have any questions please ask them (apart from how I get the information) and I or someone else will do their best to answer :)
    Please do not post fake images (e.g B03, Green drones)
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    Lots of stuff.

    Subglacial CPU
    The Subglacial CPU is essential to open the Permafrost Fissure and navigate a path to the valuable opportunities inside. If the Permafrost Fissure already exists it adds two extra lives to it.

    Glacial Fragment
    The Glacial Fragment is the crucial component needed to create a Subglacial CPU. The resonance of the fragment allows the CPU to calculate the trajectory through the Permafrost Fissure.
    Craft Glacial Fragments in the Assembly or purchase them in the shop.

    Unstable LF-4
    The exotic elements used to create this Unstable LF-4 mean that the damage it does varies wildly. Each shot randomly fluctuating in damage, from a minimum of 128 to a powerful maximum of 220. Providing a real shock to the enemy!

    Douthrin (collectible resource - assembly related)
    Our scientists have discovered the formula for Duothrin, a more powerful exotic element. The more we learn about these new materials, the more we uncover!
    You can obtain Duothrin by crafting the 20 Green Booty Key recipe.

    Proxium (collectible resource - assembly related)
    Proxium appears to be a basis for all exotic elements. Created by the Stellar Quake of 2776. Our technicians are excited about its potential uses.
    Proxium can be found in boxes, dropped by UFO and Ufonit within the Permafrost Fissure.

    Quadrothin (collectible resource - assembly related)
    Quadrothrin is a highly unstable exotic element. Energy readings it gives off from its random pulses are fascinating. A useful building block, we're sure.
    You can obtain Quadrothrin by crafting the 40K RSB-75 recipe.

    Trittothrin (collectible resource - assembly related)
    The formula for Trittothrin is extremely valuable. An exotic element, with more power than Duothrin. We're excited to discover what it can be used for.
    You can obtain Trittothrin by crafting the 500 Extra Energy recipe.

    New blueprint listings:
    • 500 Extra Energy
    • Glacial Fragment
    • 20 Green Booty Keys
    • 40,000 RSB
    • Subglacial CPU
    • Unstable LF-4

    There is 3 new quest entries. There was also 6 other quest entries earlier this week - not sure if they are related to this event or not.
    Stellar Quake
    Great to see you so well, after the recent terrors, it's been quite lonely here on my own. A vast Stellar Quake has ripped open a new Permafrost Fissure, creating a new exotic element. The reasons for the Stellar Quake are a mystery, best go investigate, destroying any enemies who might cause a threat, and report back here.

    Volatile Acquisition
    Interesting, the UFO and Ufonit seem to have been dragged into the Permafrost Fissure. Along with a number of other aliens, gathering the exotic and valuable Proxium. This new element is too good for us to share, so take care, but ensure the resource is ours.

    Deadly Fire
    Glad you're back. The Proxium seems to have traces of alien tampering at a subatomic level, which are unprecedented in this galaxy. Could they be the key to unlocking a whole new science? The technicians are happy to experiment, and I can help you create an Unstable LF-4.

    Will check for crafting costs now but don't think they will be listed just yet.
    Yeah, they're not listed in the file yet.
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  4. 2 more average Besides you can minimize your laser overkill against small NPCs.
  5. USS-Aries

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    As this is the unofficial thread and the end product is open to amendment before going live I hope that the DO wordsmith changes some of the wording in the Stellar Quake quest, with recent events world wide and in mainland Europe there will be many players that would find the wording distressing.


    lets mend the game 1st before adding more junk
  7. amen
  8. Lol distressing.You`re kidding right?

    And the assembly list looks neat (Begins crunching numbers for unstable lf4)
    Now to see if we get anymore info on "Permafrost Fissure"
  9. While looking at the past I will need years for completing the recipes.

    I don't see any clear plan for the game balancement, the new items are just random stuff.
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  10. No, it won't be there. It disappears after so long. Everyone cloaks and sits on the box, it takes 5 sec to collect it like a booty box and it disappears like cargo drops will. So by the time everyone stacks up, you can't click your box for clicking a cloaker. So because of the wait, then they wanna check their log and copy/paste it to teamspeak, then your boxes disappear. I lost 2 4-tier boxes and 3 2-tier boxes because of this and I just gave up on demaner.
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  11. Does the Winter Event, that just started have anything in the game itself? So far all I see is the extra goodies you get from the countdown calender when logging on to the game :mad:


    T <3
  12. USS-Aries

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    Last year the secondary calendar started on the 25th of December and ran till the 18th of January and was a prelude to the winter Hitac event, this year the secondary calendar runs from the 1st of January until the 24th January and may be a possible prelude to an event so its all eyes on the calendar and back page news letter just in case.
  13. Thanks
  14. Okapi32

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    New event breaking news text:

    A star quake has ripped open a Subglacial Fissure to hitherto uncharted areas of the galaxy. With new elements, scientists think will unlocked a new era in physics and weapon development.

    They’ve already crafted some of these elements into the Unstable LF-4. Developed and made available to every pilot brave enough to enter the Subglacial Fissure.

    Embark on dangerous and rewarding missions, craft your own “Subglacial CPU”, to enter the fissure and collect all the materials required to create the new Unstable LF-4. Be wary though, pilot. You’re not the only species who are seeking these elements.

    The event starts on 18th 24th of January 2017 and will end on the 31st of January 14th of Febuaray, 23:59h LST. The summary

    • New missions to get you started
    • New Subglacial Fissure Gate
    • New CPU to open your own Gate
    • New “Unstable LF-4” – the same basic stats as regular LF-4 but with a bit of variance in their DMG output
    • New Boosters: Proxium drop chance , Proxium reward and the combined “Ultimate Proxium Booster”

    Dates for the start and end of the event have changed.
    New dates: 24th Jan - 14th Feb

    Various Proxium booster packages:

    <item name="history_deal-proxiumDrop">
    <![CDATA[ Proxium Drop Chance Booster purchased ]]>
    <item name="history_deal-proxiumReward">
    <![CDATA[ Proxium Reward Doubler purchased ]]>
    <item name="history_deal-proxiumUlti">
    <![CDATA[ Ultimate Proxium Booster purchased ]]>
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  15. Okapi32

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    The dates of the Subglacial Fissure event have been changed.
    It now begins on the 24th of January and ends on the 14th of February.

    2 (new?) boosters:
    Drop Chance
    <item name="items_booster_dropch-b01_description">
    <![CDATA[ Adds a %BOOSTERVALUE%% bonus to tbd. ]]>

    Reward Booster
    <item name="items_booster_rwrddbl-b01_description">
    <![CDATA[ Adds a %BOOSTERVALUE%% bonus to tbd. ]]>

    I'm not sure if these are actually related to the Proxium boosters which have the same sort of bonuses. These boosters have different item code names from the Proxium ones too.
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  16. when test sv on ?
  17. USS-Aries

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    The test sever opens for testing new features and times and dates are posted as an OA prior to it being open. You must also take into consideration that some times not all game features are available on the test sever and the opening of the test sever is discretionary and can be closed sooner than stated in any OA depending on load and or any possible bugs that appear.
  18. Okapi32

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    A couple things.

    3 new designs:
    • Ocean Solace
    • Ocean Venom
    • Locust Surgeon
    These are going to be in the Obsidian Booty Boxes.

    Final images pending.

    Tiered Spending breaking news:

    With every Uridium purchase you will receive a special bonus gift – ranging from Extra Energy to special Drone designs and more. And here’s what you get with each Uridium Package:

    • 15,000 Uridium + 2 weeks Premium and 50 Extra Energy
    • 30,000 Uridium + 2 weeks Premium, 1 week Rebate Advantage Package, 50 Extra Energy and 5 Green Booty Keys
    • 75,000 Uridium + 2 weeks Premium, 2 weeks Rebate Advantage Package, 2 weeks Double Advantage Package, 100 Extra Energy and 20 Green Booty Keys
    • 150,000 Uridium + 2 weeks Premium, 500 Extra Energy, 40 Green Booty Keys, Yamato Ship and a Hercules Drone Design
    • 330,000 Uridium + 1 month Premium, 500 Extra Energy, 40 Green Booty Keys, Yamato Ship, a Hercules Drone Design and a Goliath Surgeon ship
    Check out the Uridium offers between now and Monday 23:59h Local Server Time.

    The tiered spender events can be repeated, so the actually breaking news text doesn't ever come with particular dates attached with it.
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  19. So Okapi are you planning on buying uri? :D
  20. Sabre.

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    Here's the new Solace and Venom coming to Obsidian Keys
    As well as the 3 new types of LF-4 upgrades